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  1. hello, im getting sick of the same old songs i always have on my itunes and thought this would be a nice idea to get different music from different people
  2. The word you are looking for is necromancer... LOL!
  3. necrophiliac?... what the fuck does an erotic attraction towards dead people have anything to do with reopening forum threads you perfect moron =_=... jeez people rn't making sense anymore... WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?!... anyhooz thnx to whoever told me vanilla extract contains alcohol i kinda just realized, makes sense why its banned now... guess ill just stick to ordering.
  4. YAAAAAH!! i am having the same problem, i have probably been to 5 different grocery stores including sultan center, lulu hyper market, and geant, and they only sold vanilla ESSENCE which is the synthetic crap. MY CHEWY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ARE MISSING VANILLA GOODNESS GOD DAMN IT, ya3ny iv lost all means of hope so i started ordering it online which is so inconvenient :s sultan center sells the vanilla plant itself (vanilla pods) which is vanilla in its purest form. Puzzles me to why they'd have that on hand but not vanilla extract ... i cant have a random vanilla plant sticking out of my cookies it'll ruin them x(