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  1. I balanced it after buying new tyres, and they told me it has slight bends from potholes, so needs some slight damage control. doesnt shake at all at slow speeds, just high speed advise... dont buy a maxima
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know of a good store that can straighten up damaged rims? They start to wobble at speeds between 100 and 120 km/hr. Thanks in advance.
  3. cant really say this is an incident caused by the airline... was shot down so it had nothing to do with the airline
  4. Its terrible, my car's windshield cracked twice already. I'm actually selecting which roads to avoid by remembering where it goes bad and taking a detour. i did a little digging, and found that due to smoke from the factory, they didnt burn off the sulfur from the tarmac, which interacted with the water from the rain, which just destroyed the roads that used this new tarmac, thats why not all the roads became gravel
  5. I was really happy it rained a couple of days ago, but after the rain, I noticed many of the streets are just breaking apart. It's like the tarmac evaporated with the water. Now every main highway is under construction or has some major erosion going on. If you enter the fahaheel highway from the 6th, stay on the left cause the right side has completely eroded and full of holes!!! It has to be negligence on the paving part of the job. It really is unsafe.
  6. it went smoother than expected. the problem was getting the police report cause they kept saying there is nothing we can do as there is no cause. and after we finally the report, brother was charged with causing an accident and he was fined that 30 kd fee or something. after that, i went to the insurance, got the paper from them and we took the car to the dealership, we paid nothing yet. we werent forced to go to the garage designated by the insurance, we went straight to the dealership body shop
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong section Story as follows: my brother was driving down the airport road (55) going to crowne plaza. He was on the right lane and suddenly there are two massive potholes which he couldnt avoid. The front tyre got flat and when he changed it, he noticed that the rim was bent and cracked. My question: does the full insurance cover this (replace the entire rim) if you get a police report saying what happened? I know my insurance covers 500KD for like unknown cause accidents.
  8. Jarir bookstore in Hawally.
  9. I don't get what you are asking. But, if you want to extend a residency visa, you can only do it for a month until you get your documents sorted, after that it gets void and you will have to start with all the paperwork from scratch. I don't know what documents are needed though, I'm only replying to the extension from what I know and encountered.
  10. there are only two things i stick with whenever i crave hardees... roast beef n cheddar extra cheddar or a mushroomand swiss... always perfect always delicious i also noticed that the quieter the place, the better food quality you will get, and never ever order any junk food, always comes terrible!!!
  11. Hey mark, does it show that you have a tint on your windshield? or the cops don't notice?
  12. If its real.... DAAAAAAAAMN... Thats gonna leave a scar. Serious note, never put a girl on the spot like that... Really embarassing situation if it dont work out
  13. I woke up to the scariest news ever... BEN AFFLECK will be Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. I don't know how to feel about this... it's just so mind boggling... I doubt he can pull it off. I don't think he can pull of the borderline dark nature of batman, bruce wayne maybe. And his voice is just so yekh... not scary. I laugh everytime I imagine it. I was excited about it, but now petrified. Let's hope I am wrong.
  14. I think its kinda cop dependant... I had the car shades from zeena street on my car, covering all the back windows. i had it for about 6 years or more. Passed through many checkpoints and car inspections. I just got fined this year for the first time, and it wasnt because they are illegal, but one of the cops at the checkpoint decided to give me a ticket after i was cleared to go by the cop who was checking my paperwork. And technically... They are illegal cause they restrict vision unlike tint
  15. C-70 is allowed. The guy said that this is true 30% tint, but from what i understood, anything on the windshield is not allowed.