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  1. Yes for my area comparing with other networks this is the best option for me it gives around 8-10mb 24/7 Rest all 4G networks are damn slow as I live on 10th floor And we have no telephone line in our building so no DSL
  2. Is it true that Mada is going to stop providing internet? That is the only service which has excelent signal at my home rest all 4G networks are completely unreliable specially in mahboola area
  3. Every number has its own exclusive baring code. Contact ooredoo customer care
  4. I am currently using mada in Mangaf Block-4 and it works great for me. I usually get around 5-6Mb in the evening hours rest of the day it goes max at 9Mb. Try changing the position of your router. It took me several hours finding a good signal when I first got the connection. Other than Mada you can go for any DSL company if you have a telephone line. If you don't than try WIMD (Never tried them tough).
  5. This is the speed in mangaf right now, usually gives 2MB+ & I am the only one using it
  6. Currently I have a 2MB Connection at home and it cant handle more than that. And the problem is in my area ooredoo signals are strong but the service is weak i would hardly receive 2-3 MB on 4G+ same goes with viva, never tried zain. So eventually i have no choice but to go for WIMD if there service is good I might give them a try.
  7. Hello Everyone !!! Any updates on WIMD internet service? How good & stable it is with online streaming ? I am currentlly staying in mangaf and looking forward to buy a connection from them, I can get max 8MB according to WIMD customer support. Thanks.
  8. Well my landlord has increased the rent twice with in a year with a total of 35kd & nobody gives a damm approaching any legal complaint
  9. @Mark I am a student in one of institute in kuwait where in kuwait law requires to be a university student inorder to get a drivers licence @Kuwait I tried meeting him in asma maroor but they said he is not available today I guess i need a wasta badly anyone knows the best way out??
  10. Hello Everyone I am trying to apply for a drivers licence and was thinking of meeting abdul fatah al ali in Asma Maroor directly, does anyone knows is it allowed to meet him directly or we need special permission or something?? Any replies would be highly appreciated
  11. Hello Everyone:D Being a customer of kems since last 4 years I never had any major issue with there 4mb connection Works great & very stable service, no disconnections, Customer service is also quite good, I cant really remember when was the last time I had to call them to complain about my connection, Best of luck !!!
  12. Its my plasure Bro And regarding the adsl filter you can get it from a shop called (Qamar Al Awal) its just behind mangaf sultan center. Hope It Helps
  13. I had a very good experience with dlink adsl filters u can them from any comp shop.
  14. ya i think so Btw thanks for replying