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  1. Hey guys. Any of you know where i can widen my stock steelies wheels here in kuwait? Or where to buy deep dish steelies?
  2. Hey guys. wanted to ask if anyone here knows where to buy lower spring for Mk4 Golf gti 2001. I found some on ebay, but with hustle of shipping and time, i prefer buying one here in kuwait. thank you.
  3. Thank you Gargoyle for the info. I got my DL back. Thank God it didn't hustle me. it was easy. 2 days back i checked from the online traffic department site, I found my id number with a 10 kd fine, violation was adding extra parts. so the next day i went to Jabriya muroor, gave my paper to the counter, told her my driving license was taken from me. and she asked for 10 kd, she told me to go first floor to get my DL . she gave me a paper with the info that i paid.after asking around if which office to get my DL,i gave the paper to an officer, he told me to wait outside. it took 5 min for him to call my name. then walla! i got my DL back. it took around a week for the ticket to be in the system. thank you again guys. Cheers!
  4. oh Boi! iam already imagining that hustle. thanks a lot mate. another question how long can i drive with the yellow paper i got from the officer?
  5. hey guys! i got into a checkpoint today, they gave me a violation and confiscated my driving license. the violation was having a roof rack. 2 questions. whats the procedure of getting my driving license back? and how long would it take for the traffic officer to give the license to Jabriya muroor?
  6. Help guys, i'll be traveling to thai. Its my first time to go out from kuwait to other country. Im asian what i've read was. I can get a visa upon arrival. But still im worried i might not be issued visa upon arrival, has any of u experienced tavelling to thai? It would be a big help to share. Do i have to go to thai embassy or do some paperworks from my embassy? Or just buy a ticket and go fly?
  7. *update I got my car today, its sucks a lot if your car got impounded. I went to jabriya traffic department this morning,straight to the payment section, hoping to get the car after paying. turned out its not that easy. First the lady there gave me a paper written in it is my fine. She told me to go at the office of dhabat, after the signed and stamped my paper, he told me to go at the first floor. I went there and waited for my turn to get another paper from the secretary office. And went back to the dhabat office. He signed again and stamped it and told me to go beside asma traffic department and get the papers signed by them. A long drive due to traffic jam in 4thring. When i got there i went to the right corner office where they signed my paper. The guy then told me to go back to jabriya traffic department. When i got there i went back to the dhabat office and another stamp from him and payed my fine at the payment section, hoping that it was the last task. Turns out, he told me to go back at the secretary office at the 1st floor to take another paper from them. Waited there and got it signed by them then went back to the dhabat for another stamp and signature! Got the papers to get my car out. I went to the kptc shuwaikh where my car is. Turned out it was close. I waited there till 4pm. Went to the boot and showed them my papers. Finally! Went to the cashier and payed 6kd for 6days plus 10kd for the towing car, after payment they gave me release papers so i could give to the driver who'll get my car inside. Seeing my car going out from that place was a big relief. But then still not done from the headache. I need to go back near asma traffic department for inspection this week. But before going for inspection i need to remove my stickers and tint. Will go for it this week.
  8. I went to the traffic department today. Sadly the fine is still not there. So i went to the kptc jabriya impound and got a paper with info about my car and the impound location. And just now I inquired online about my fine happy to say it was in. 10kd for sticker. Hopefully i'll get my baby out tomorrow.
  9. The sticker was on the door frame. Carbon fiber sticker, i had it on around 6months. Whenever i pass by a checkpoint they didn't stop me except for the last one. I totally agree with with Gargoyle. I wish they wouldn't hold my car for a month. My friend was caught passing a redlight, they impounded his car for a month. That sucks big time.
  10. Last night i passed by a checkpoint and got my car impounded for having a sticker in my door panels. The traffic police told me to go jabriya to settle my fine. Has anyone experienced this? How long would they impound my car? How much would it cost me to get my car back? Thank you.
  11. Thank You mark. will definitely try Dynamat. Btw do you know anyplace where i can matte my car that wouldn't cost more than a hundred?
  12. like loose bolts, clinging. vibrating door sound when driving on rocky road. also vibration on door when playing loud music especially on full bass. cracking noise on dashboard. it feels like the whole chassis is loose.
  13. I got a Nissan Murano. there are noises coming from the door and dashboard, so irritating. do any of you know where i can get this fixed?
  14. Any of you guys own a Dodge caliber 2007? Need feedbacks about this vehicle. Negative and positive about it will help a lot.
  15. I bought it from mrbabu. You'll have to wait for it for 2 weeks tough.