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  1. looking for 4g home router with ethernet port.
  2. Looking for a Used PS3 Slim 320 Gb with Jailbreak.. for reasonable price. Kindly Whatsapp me or Call me on 66277898
  3. Sorry...I've seen some posts with commments today coz I was following market since two days ...and didn't seen anybody commenting or bidding to the seller's I asked
  4. Why I don't see any bidding or comments on new market it comments or bids directectly sent to seller's email address..?
  5. I believe new layout won't support tapatalk...hate browsing through browser's
  6. Thanks Guys....already got one for a good Price
  7. Sorry...I mean Desktop....As i mentioned earlier....I dont need Monitor and other Pheripherals
  8. I'm in need of Dual core or Core2duo system...I need only CPU...Coz I already have one Flat Screen Monitor, keyboard and Mouse.
  9. Hi Shan, Thanks for reply....I'm Just using it to get wifi on my laptop and my mobile phones....and its the cable LAN connection from my building ...Just want to know whats repeating mode...? Have you used the device ... Hows the range ? Where i can get in Hawally...i mean any shop name or landmark?
  10. Thanks deviant_art for a reply ....sure i will the check device you've suggested. Whats your opinion on Second hand device ?
  11. Need an Access Point for LAN Internet sharing for decent price...anybody?