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  1. I bought my laptop from XoticPC as well! I foolishly used Borderlinx which ended up costing me 140 KWD for insurance and shipping. To be fair, the package was quite chunky. The volume of the box blew the price so much. I would suggest any shipping service that delivers using weight not volumetric weight. Also, be sure to get insurance just in case and get the Custom Formed White Glove Premium Packaging. Definitely worth it when I bought my laptop in 2013. Hope this helps you out!
  2. Looking for a medium/54cm road bike to possibly buy this winter. I'm about 5ft 9ish if that helps. Needs to have drop bars, road suitable tyres, preferred Shimano groupset, and spd pedals if possible. Budget is around 150-250 KD. Can stretch it a bit if the cycle is worth it!
  3. You can check out for parts. They have most of the good stuff and are reasonably priced compared to normal prices. Although you might be able to get em for cheaper in Hawalli, you have to haggle or find the right shop. Do you have any budget in mind just yet? Might be able to help you as I've helped a couple of friends this year for their builds. Good luck!
  4. Awesome website. Will be trying out the hot and sweet chilly prawns recipe.
  5. Internships aren't plentiful in Kuwait and if there are some good ones they're unheard of because why work when daddy has big monies haha. I know KOC offers summer internship though I'm not sure if it's just for KOC employees family. There are some bank internships but I think that requires older students later in their studies. Heck, I'm not even sure anyone would offer an internship to a 14 year old asking for 100 KWD.
  6. I strongly advise you against ordering for Mr.Babu for PC parts since there's no guarantee if the part you get delivered after 2-3 weeks is working or a lemon. It's a headache both for you and the Mr. Babu since they have to ship it back to RMA and all. Gear me up is your best bet. I helped a friend of mine build a beast setup with all the bells and whistles at the time (780ti, 4770K, 16 gigs Corsair Dominator) and they have good support. I would recommend getting the case locally since pictures and reviews only do so much justice so just have a look around Hawally PC shops and take your pick. Also, shipping a case >_>
  7. Your current best bet is to get a fiber package if your address supports it. If not I'm not sure what's your other option. You could ring up Qulaitynet about their 'gaming' package and see if that's worth. People have posted in the forum that it raises your upload speed or something. I would highly recommend you not to purchase anything atm and wait for Infoconnect for great deals which will take place from 25th Jan to 31st Jan〈=en
  8. Can we close this thread already? It's a cesspool
  9. I'm sort of getting a vibe that you're going through a mid-life crisis. Lots of ways to entertain yourself or get more active and not feel bored/unmotivated all the time. Take some sort of activity up. If you want to stay indoors read books, magazines, etc. or watch some good documentaries. If you're more of the physical type get into jogging/cycling. There's a cycling group which organises rides and I think Mark posted about it. Not sure if active or not. Music is a great way to pass time while doing something for example put some random playlist on and doing chores around your house or cooking food kind of stuff. Unfortunately Spotify is unavailable in Kuwait (like all good things ) that would have been an easy way of discovering new music. Gather some friends for a weekend away to Dubai to get LOUD haha is an option as well if you drink.
  10. Anyone here play BF4 online? If yes then how close are the servers and what sort of ping do you get? Cheers!
  11. Xcite has it for KWD 36.9 Total cost from eBay including shipping and customs according to the screenshot you posted is about 31.5 KWD and that's if customs don't charge you. If you think saving 5.5 KWD is better than quicker delivery, local warranty, etc. then go for it. Keep in mind that I haven't even looked at any other site so it could be going for cheaper.
  12. Please elaborate on your current networking setup and what you're trying to achieve.
  13. I can;t advise you which ISP to choose but I can tell which ones to stay away from. Any of the mobile/radio based ones such as MADA, wimd, Zain LTE router, Viva, etc. These connections have medium to high amounts of jitter i.e. the ping doesn't stay relatively stable so there are often to frequent lag spikes. The post by @hewhoneverwas clearly outlines the server issue as well. Check with ISPs if there is fibre installed in your area but I'm guessing not by your Maximum Speed of the line is approximately: 2 Mbps
  14. Cheers @fatboy123 for this post. Helped my friend get parts for his new build and ordered about KWD 570 worth of parts! 780Ti
  15. ^Article linked of potential One mini 2. The naming though...xD I've been eager to pull the trigger for the One (M8) as soon as I get to Kuwait but this looks promising. I'm thinking no micro sd slot so don't know.