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  1. i would like to know if i can get cobra ode on my ps3 i have the super slim and how much it cost
  2. Does anyone know a place that can set up my projector with the surround sound. I can do it myself but I want someone professional
  3. i am looking for the cheap 3d glasses with two colors or where i could find it
  4. i got 8mb and i won double the speed and they told me we cant give you more so i took another one and one a free month and i think they should of gave me double the speed
  5. i want to know where i can find the cheap 3d glasses with the two colors
  6. nvidia gtx560m it is in my kaptop and i want to know if it will work with nvidia 3d vision or
  7. i lost my license and civil id from where i can get new ones could any one help me my license is from the capital i went to get my civil id they where like you need your passport or janseeya can i get a copy on a paper or it has to bee original so they can get my a new civil id i appreciate your help
  8. i want you to give me your opinion on this pin: 2114ef22 is it one of the unique pins or is it like any other
  9. when is the ps vita coming to kuwait i want to buy one
  10. i need a store that can fix a dell streak phone i have the charging port and the cable broken so i need a store to fix it fast if you know tell me
  11. hi do you have aux in your car you can get a Bluetooth aux adapter that will work for phone calls and streaming audio from your phone it is for 25kd at the store in Sharq where they put speakers for your car it is called Zaharat Al Naseem
  12. go to pionner store at sharg next to al-ria next to where they sell all the phones
  13. i need a dell streak charging cable from where can i buy one in Kuwait i need it urgent so pleas help me
  14. i heard that everything there cost double the normal price and you have to buy your car from AL-ghanim and i have another qustion if i touch the body kit will the selling price later fall down alot
  15. where can i find the usb cable for dell streak 5 inch i need it urgent it is my only phone and the charger broke i need a new cable