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  1. Not the dji osmo, other Chinese motorized gimbals such as z1 smooth etc
  2. I know hawalli khaldon street there mostly pakistani shop keepers with sky high prices and discontinued hardware parts ripping off Kuwaiti kidos, any other place where i can buy at reasonable prices? Or should i go online and have them forward to Kuwait?
  3. Kuwait isn't a agrarian country the sauce you are talking about its ingredients may have came here from Brazil..
  4. For how many years?
  5. What if tell you i am bangali will you play?
  6. You mean where i live in Kuwait or which country i am from?
  7. South park (my favorite character is toweliee) i feel like i can conquer the world lolz
  8. Ooredoo is a thief company
  9. about drugs and alcohols, i know a taxi driver who drive car under alcohol influence before he hit cause injuries to others i want him in behind bars....
  10. how those taxi driving keep getting driving license everyday it seems like there is a bakala which sells driving licenses lol, stop taxi less jams
  11. aramax generally is a most hated company on this forum i read all of shipping related threads and aramax customers are not happy
  12. no black out in khaitan block 5
  13. what about blink store?