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  1. Battlefield 4 NTSC 16kd
  2. Battlefield 4 NTSC for sale (Xbox) 16 kd
  3. Death Note ... A must watch
  4. Hi Guys, Many people are having problems with signing in to their Xbox live account in the past few months, and this problem has been bugging me too for the past week and still is. Whenever I sign in to my Xbl account, it asks for security proofs (Email ID and Password) but even after filling the correct ID and password it says Code error: 80......15 How do you fix this? Some YouTube tutorials were really useless! I even have a 1 year Gold membership and since I can't sign in to my ID, it's really a waste of my cash. Please Help!! Regards, Radvidia
  5. Hey guys, Please let me know if anyone has a 500 GB or 1 TB Hard Drive lying around.
  6. Xbl

  7. Are you willing to sell the Kinect and a few games separately?
  8. Anyone knows the price of Kinect for Xbox 360 at Al-Rihab? Or anywhere else for lesser prices?
  9. I've got one ... Gray in color. A few scratches. Lightly used. Selling price 50 (Slightly negotiable). For further details contact me through PM.
  10. Ok I'm just gonna throw out a few questions here because I really want to pre-order it and get the 'Day One Edition' but 1. will it work in Kuwait? Because this list doesn't have Kuwait in it = http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2013-06-14-21-launch-countries-listed-for-xbox-one 2. If we purchase it through Amazon will there be door-to-door shipping?
  11. According to every detail on both the consoles....Which would be a better buy? Please help guys
  12. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=29988
  13. PSP

    I've got one...Good condition, Jailbroken but no memory stick
  14. CnC

    Anyone on Command and conquer Tiberium alliance World 27?
  15. Hi, I want a "Non-racing" Driving simulator especially CITY CAR DRIVING! or any other good one would do Thanks