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  1. So I've been vaping for a few months now and was wondering how is the vaping scene in Kuwait doing. I recently moved to mods from e-go cigs (because those things are too flimsy and whatnot) and I'm completely loving it, I've been a cigarette smoker for around 5 years now but vaping has more or less been keeping my cigarette usage down to almost nothing. Me setup so far: Sigelei Telescopic 13 with mini vivi nova tank, vaping on (pretty terrible) Dekang Cherry. What about you guys? What are your setups? How did you find the whole vaping experience?
  2. Haha, I remember playing the Postal series back in the day and having to hide the discs from the parents. I think Hatred serves the purpose it's made for quite well, its more or less and ode to ultra-violence and arcade games, I also think that we're in a time where over the top violence is a lot more common than we'd like to admit, more often than not all you got to do to see worse imagery than that game is to flip over to news channels.
  3. Great necro, haha. However, I do happen to have a retail box and an EU account that's got a level 60 monk on if you're interested. I believe the account also has access to Heroes of The Storm beta and is up to Mists of Pandaria on WoW.
  4. Any of you guys have any gear for sale? I got a custom SX350 (60 watts) that I wouldn't mind trading/selling it
  5. I agree, the hammers they have are terrible clones.
  6. Yeah they have, it seems the only alternative is nichrome or resistance wire, anyone know any hobby shops maybe?
  7. Well I have half a mind of trying mrbabu : Any idea about that?
  8. Does anyone know where to find kanthal or nichrome wire? I've tried a bunch of places including Ace Hardware for kanthal but couldn't find it for the life of me, what about nichrome?
  9. I haven't got a clue, but I'm pretty sure they should be available somewhere, you getting into making your own juice?
  10. Anyone feel like organizing a vape meeting to talk/buy/sell/trade about our setups, juice and whatnot?
  11. There is no sugar and as far as we are concerned, vaping (e-cigarettes), are relatively safer than hookah and cigarettes.
  13. You're looking for cig-a-likes, which I can't say I've seen here a lot, I did however spot a few Chinese models in Friday Market going for around 2KD but I wouldn't recommend those.
  14. I am looking for an Native Instruments Maschine, new or used, studio or mikro, I don't mind. If you have one for sale, name your price.
  15. It's things like these that will always keep us as a whole arab population behind, who cares about expats hating Kuwaitis or Kuwaitis hating expats? we're all in this together, so might as well work together than just debating dumb issues like that. I've been an expat here for 20 years, I have been subjected to racial and prejudice behavior not only because of my nationality but because of my physical appearance as well, which I totally understand if it is 'weird', and yet, that is all water under the bridge. Whatever treatment you get here you can/will get anywhere else, there's always good and bad. In the grand scheme of things, none of this matters, we're all here for the greater good of everyone whether its Kuwaiti or non Kuwaiti.
  16. That sounds great!, do you guys communicate on anything that isn't Facebook? I'd love to join up but I don't use Facebook at all ._.
  17. Using Gulfnet, it's blocked for me as well.
  18. Looking for a used iPhone 5s, colour doesn't matter, preferably over 16GB but 16 is fine, name your price.
  19. Let me think and I'll get back to you on that.
  20. Alright then, all the best.
  21. Where exactly is a new one for 62? I bought mine for 95 on release, also, Mine is US, and keep in mind I'm giving you over 5 games So I don't think I can go with less than 65.
  22. 45 is too low for me, sorry.
  23. Lol of course everything is working, it has tiny microscopic scratches due to regular use. Offer me.
  24. I bought it as soon as it got released, so I'm not entirely sure, I have pokemon Y and Tetris 3DS and Rondo Of Swords (nds), with also a couple of Nintendo club games that I bought
  25. I got a Pokemon edition red XL with everything, what's your offer?