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  1. Can someone direct me to any opportunities to volunteer during Ramadan ? A quick glance at social media showed SpreadThePassion has an active scene but their registration is closed
  2. I have KEMS DSL connection and sometimes I get random disconnect or sudden drop in connection where I have to restart the router. I feel like the problem is from my house wiring but I'm not sure who to contact to check the wires.
  3. Usually talked about as one of the better multivitamin to purchase, but I'm not sure If it is available in Kuwait it is called "Controlled Labs Orange Triad" from controlled labs
  4. Just went to Sears, they have a great collection of Treadmills and Bikes but unfortunately no racks
  5. Reporting back: So I just went there and as you described I was able to find the three stores: 1) The one in the Tital Complex sells a "half squat rack" and also other Gym stuff like bench press and treadmill (Not much variety one kind of each) 2) The second one behind the Tilal Complex is called "Sport Fitness" and it is basically a distributor for high end commercial GYM equipment, so expect the price to be in the range of 500-1500KD.You can find all your needs for home gym there. They have some of the equipment in stock here in Kuwait and others they can order it from them and have it shipped here here ( which he says takes 60-90 days). I found the Squat rack there "also called power rack" cost total 560KD and will take 2 to 3 months to reach Kuwait 3) Not sure if that is what you meant but I found a store called "GYM Doctor" just nearby ( let Sport Fitness on your right and go straight it will be the second building on left, the store is visible as you drive in your car so it shouldn't be hard to find it ) Same story here a high end gym equipment distributor that has some in stock and others can be ordered. GYM Doctor also sells the squat rack that costs 400KD and 2-3 months for shipment ( Interestingly, he mentioned that he had sold 5 squat racks in stock in Kuwait, last sold in Ramadan ) Personally I'm going to order this brand using Mrbabu, which has a good review and is basically what I need with less cost ( although the shipping costs goes over the price of the rack itself.. oh well ! ) Hopefully this helps someone who is searching for squat racks later on, Good luck
  6. What would be the cheapest way to ship an item bought from to Kuwait By heavy I mean in the range of 70-100 KG Time is not a concern ( as long as it is within 30 days ) Would like to know if anyone had any experience Thanks
  7. Amazing! thanks Mark, I will check them out and report back. Cheers
  8. Is there anywhere I can find squat rack in Kuwait ?
  9. Just been directed to this thread, any updates ? people still suffering at this moment from lag ?
  10. I just bought Fifa online (ps3) and Im having alot of lag issues whenever i play. My current connection stregth with EA server is red ( 1/3 dashes if that makes sense ) I would like to know if this is an issue of my connection or its not applicable to play Fifa 13 while in Kuwait ?