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  1. Buying 2nd hand bicycle budget only is 40kd
  2. Also looking for second hand amiibo: Sonic Link Megaman Pokemon
  3. Looking for new nintendo 3ds xl face plate..
  4. Looking for the new 3ds xl model..
  5. I have been searching in different watch store but no luck at all here in kuwait
  6. Looking for 3ds xl should be in good condition, ready for testing.. My offer is 30kd can negotiate 45kd if offer is good..
  7. Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy :Lightning Returns Final Fantasy: X/X-2 remaster Dynasty Warrior Gundam Gundam games Tekken x street fighter Uncharted 3 Dragon ball z Last of US Metal Gear Solid 4 Soul Calibur V Batman Arkham Origins Assassins Creed III Text me what you have and how much You can reach me through text ‭97626853‬ I use imessage and my line is for internet only
  8. They are not replying on my email or message ..
  9. Im looking for ps3 with 250gb slim or not with 2 original controller plus game or if u have bundle like move+motion camera.. You can leave your offer and contact, i will get in touch with you if im interested with your offer..
  10. i attach image so you will not be confuse to male and female
  11. I need xl size canon cartridge.. If you can tell me where to buy much appreciated.. TIA
  12. How much each??
  13. Looking for some vhs tape that is not working anymore.. Im not interested on the content, only the shell itself i need.. Minimum of 10pcs.. Leave how many you have and how much.. I will try to message you.. Thanks
  14. does any one here know where i can buy flash cart that can play in my ndsi with version 1.4.5?? i prefer r4i or iedge.. but any flash cart that can be play will do.. mine is broken so i cant use anymore.. its hard to find it here in kuwait..