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  1. You can ask the mobile service providers (Zain, Ooreedoo, and Viva) to get an accurate answer I have an Ooreedo router at home and I can connect both, my laptop (wired) and my mobile (via Wi-Fi)
  2. How/where can I rent a BMW X3 car?
  3. As many of us have pointed out, you might want to give the tele-companies a try. I switched from ADSL to 4G router and never think of going back to my 2MB DSL
  4. 2 days earlier? Trust me, I myself wouldn't be using DHL if it arrived 2 days earlier. I had enough crap from ShopNShip. Since 2009 my primary shipping option was through this company In the past, DHL shipping (including home delivery) used to be $32 for the first pound (arrived within 72 hours from shipping,) and I believe $8 for any additional pound, and for premium customers ($150/year) DHL is $28 per first pound and $6 for any additional pound (you can't beat that offer can you?) Now I agree! prices have changed and increased I miss 2009 pricing (KWD was superior to $USD and cheap shipping option)
  5. You get what you paid for. You want faster? Give DHL a try
  6. I don't get the joke?
  7. Nevermind, delete
  8. Trust me, if MBA was worth (in KUWAIT) I would've already got my MBA by now. My opinion, stick with your bachelors degree and enjoy life in Kuwait, or get an MBA with a career abroad.
  9. Go for the bigger engine, E200 is extremely underperformed and a waste of cash.
  10. Out of curiosity how long will PostaPlus take to deliver your document?
  11. I asked all express couriers for a quote to ship a 1lb shipment to the USA and the cheapest rate I got was from FedEx. My shipment arrived to the U.S in like 3 - 4 days. They told me they provide 20% discount if you open an account with them (FedEx) and pay by a credit card. That was a long time ago though so I hope that the offer is still valid
  12. I have used the standard government postal service like 5 or 6 years ago and in some cases, the package was delivered to the recipient in the USA. If the package is sensitive, I recommend using FedEx Express.
  13. Check out Platinum Keifan health club