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  1. Honeymoon trip to Berlin, Germany. All shot with a Fujifilm XPro1
  2. Hello, Looking for a store that sells Fairy lights like the below, to decorate a wedding venue: or
  3. Nope, they dont have it.
  4. Also known as Mr. X. Does anybody know where i can get one locally? I have checked the major chain stores and toy stores around but no luck so far. Thanks in advance
  5. No idea honestly, havent bothered looking.
  6. I got my stuff from here: Quality stuff, well priced and fast delivery Highly recommended
  7. First Picture: perfect, my favorite. The color balance is spot on. Second Picture: way over done, not my taste. Especially that the car color is already bright, so the HDR doesnt really work for it. (just my opinion) Last Picture: the colors are a bit off, something is just not right.
  8. I'd say, overall, good stuff. but take a notch down on the PP.
  9. They're available at the used market stores... price range of KWD 100 ~ 200
  10. As an owner of 2 Mustangs in the past 6 years, my first recommendation is to check with reliable online forums. Mustang owners are in millions world-wide and the knowledge they have is mind blowing, so before heading to the dealer or any CanadaDry shops, post your problem in one of those forums and see what the experts will say... At least you can have a general idea on the cause of the fault and a ball park figure on what expenses you expect to pay. Best place to start?
  11. Yes, it's that simple! Honestly, I have to admit this is "Apple" cool in terms of smart commercials.
  12. You just described every mustang owner btw
  13. Congrats and welcome to the 'Stang club! first thing, give it a nickname! And we're waiting for some pics
  14. Works perfectly in Kuwait, tested with great accuracy.
  15. Gorgeous display Just the right size (not too big like Note, and not too small either) Best camera on the market Wireless charging (I picked up the 20KD thingy, but they have many other options) Free Nokia Offline Maps Free Nokia Navigation with Nokia Drive Fast, Fast, Fast I also realized that it packs 32GB. I had just assumed for some reason it would be only 16GB. Add to that the cool Nokia City Lens app, kick ass keyboard and rock-hard unibody design that's seems unbreakable...