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  1. Hey; Has anyone used Hong Kong Post to deliver packages from Hong Kong to Kuwait? Did the package reach only customs or delivered to the residence? Which courier delivered to your residency? Regards;
  2. Hey; I am looking for a Fire retardant spray to use on my wooden shelve like this one ( ). I looked for one in ACE and Bin Nisf but couldn't find one. Regards;
  3. Great thanks. I'll check it out Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. I checked in ACE Hardware, one of the staff informed me that they used to sell it but due to some ministry regulation they had to remove it. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Hey; Does anyone know where to get 99% Isopropyl Alcohol for removing thermal paste and cleaning cpus, gpus and pc contacts. I used to just wipe the cpu and use contact cleaner on the pc contacts, but someone made a point that contact cleaner uses also lubricant so this can affect the heat transfer to the heat sink, Any locations or equivalent item? Thanks;
  6. Thank you for your verification.
  7. The lined out at the bottom is the IMEI and SN. Really strange use of words. Everyone has doubts if their products is new or refurbished or inferior. As the unboxing videos I have seen never had a label at the back.
  8. Good Day; I got a S7 from Switch (Al-Babtain Store) which are authorized distributor of Samsung. When I un-boxed my phone I found it strange that the back of the phone a sticker with the serial number and model pasted on the back. I was just wondering if that is the same with all S7 or is it only with Exynos models or am I the only case? Just verifying. Regards;
  9. Hello; I know this isn't a new question but the last one was a few years ago and there was no answer. I am planning to open an account in than an account in FOREX broker in Kuwait, but heard from a friend that there's some issue with transferring money to Kuwaiti banks. Any experienced users? Thanks;
  10. Has anyone opened an account in Is there any problems with money back to your Kuwaiti bank?
  11. Have you tried transfer to Kuwaiti Banks. I'd rather open an account in than a broker in Kuwait. Any news?
  12. I would say the mechanic is negilgent to the other parts.
  13. Hello; Does any know of a Home cat grooming service? I remember Animal care had a van but they stopped. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced one? Thanks;
  14. If your not going to game the current 4K is fine but if your going to play some games I wait a few more months as 4K IPS 144Hz monitors are be released soon
  15. Besides parks and recreation I hated all other three. Try the charmichael show 2 episodes available online but its good. Old good ones: The IT Crowd