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  1. Cheers, Mark (insert a thumb's up here)
  2. Learning Arabic is an exercise in self-torture. Why bother? And I am an Arab.
  3. Kinkos/Fedex, especially on Fahad Al-Salem street. Amazing personnel/equipment/service.
  4. Anyway. How can we change our Ad. E.g. change the price.
  5. You should work on that, Mark, if you ask me. Hire a DB (database) person to sort things out for you. To get money, you have to spend money
  6. Me? I am the guy who everybody tries to dislike but can't for some reason.
  7. Mathai is the same ol' Mathai. He creates his own world. You be damned! Love it!
  8. AoD (AngelOfDeth) is getting scary good, don't you think, guys. Btw, AoD, I think I know your father and older brother. I think, but not 100% sure.
  9. Also, why do I have to log-in with my email. I'm a member here. I should be able to use my name & password in the "sell/buy" section. Yes/No?
  10. How? Have many (photography) items to sell.
  11. The original Godfather was released in 1972. I presume it was before you were born. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Got my Mac Pro. What a fine piece of a machine
  13. To I.B.Mac...I hate you! Do you know why? Your work is amazing. I'm envious... somewhat. Why "somewhat"? It's because I don't like B&W, and mono tones in general. Imo, B&W is for the weak. But that's a personal preference/opinion kind of thing. Keep up the good work, my friend.
  14. Hey, good to see you again, Cajie mate. Very cool photo too. Congrats.
  15. Anyway, I'll be going to Dubai in a month or so. Any recommendation on how to buy/order a customized Mac Pro from there.