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  1. It is yeah. Supposedly, 4mbps. Can't wait to get my own 4G internet which will happen within the next two months or so. But the problem is that I'll be paying 20KD a month and honestly, I haven't heard good news about 4G internet in general here. Kuwait really has to step up the Internet game a little bit, I mean can you believe that it's 2016 and still there are no fiber cables being used for the Internet?
  2. I can't even...
  3. Ok thanks for the help guys, I'm a bit happy cause at least it's not illegal.
  4. Hey, I'm trynna get a good dashcam for doing videos as well as insurance purposes when I witness/get involved in an accident so, do you guys know a good place where I can get a good, reliable, HD dashcam? Secondly, are they even legal here (I'm asking cause everything here is illegal)?
  5. Is it available in Kuwait? Anyone watched it? Any deleted/censored clips? Length of the censored clips?
  6. Wtf? You can actually wrap a car in Kuwait?
  7. Try Q8Car
  8. In my opinion you should get the ruby red with these set of wheels:
  9. Ok, thx for your help man
  10. Okay, any idea of the price range?
  11. Maybe in the pic but irl it's called black chrome I dunno, how about the one in these pics? Even if it's not chrome, maybe matte grey, is it still easy to paint/find?
  12. AlCorniche club is a good place as well
  13. Same as the one in the pic, I think it's black chrome? would be good as well.
  14. I don't want a matte color on it if you know what I mean, I want them to shine like this: So can I paint it on Aluminum or anything else that reflect a shine?
  15. Hey, does anybody know a good place for painting stock rims or even by putting a colored sticker on it? Would be good if you know the price as well.