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  1. Hi Blarney Bob

    Just wanted to know whats the Request letter for PCC kuwait. from where i can get the letter. is it available at Dajeej or i need to write one on my own. Please clarify. 


  2. same price from
  3. what's written in the Law and what's happening in the ground are two separate matters. We all can 'insist' on what the law states until the sun goes completely dark, but at the end of it, we still end up paying the increase anyway. It's a no-win situation for the common folks, apparently.
  4. You can't be naugthy this time (paying rent in courts) so be nice (cough up the extra 80kd rent). Otherwise, your landlord will be naugthy (cut off your water and electricity). So let him be nice at this point. It's a useless struggle.
  5. Safe, defensive drivers are not allowed
  6. well, you can do this: 1. knock on your neighbor's door 2. when s/he opens the door, don't do or say anything 3. continue staring at her/him. do not blink, or flinch a muscle 4. when s/he starts to close the door, say in a barely audible voice (whisper-like) "I can hear you talking"
  7. can you hear your neighbors when they "talk"? chances are, you are simply overly cautious that your neighbors might hear the same 'echo' you hear inside your room. loud bass sound from soundsystems is another thing, but i think that 'normal' level voice which might cause 'echoes' within your own room may not be heard from the other side.
  9. depends on which country. read the immigration/entry rules of that country.
  10. lol at the egg crates. do you really want to 'sound proof" or simply reduce those "echoes" when you talk? a 'floating room' is your ideal solution but impossible to implement here. again, furnitures, or even some carpets/rugs will reduce those 'echoes'. btw, are you sure you are not hearing things?
  11. Put empty egg crates on your wall.... LOTS OF IT (or cover the whole apartment). You can even go funky on the colors. Furnitures deflect sound too.
  12. just resign and your 'iqama' will be cancelled giving you enough time to exit.
  13. I cant see any lights up to bneid al gar.
  14. you might as well start with the kuwait times journalist who prints "only in Kuwait" series. it was on 7th series last time I saw.
  15. Surrey, I understand that English is NOT your primary language. Anyway, NEVER was it mentioned that she "only" has residence for 6 months. Who gives residency for only 6 months? Visit visa is at most 4 months (under special circumstances) but we established the fact she's not on that kind of visa. Dependent visa for 6 months? Think again. I notice you simply want to argue for the sake of argument even if your points are moot most of the time. Discussing things with you is like talking to a small child.... You simply won't stop. And for that.... You win (just so you will stop).