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  1. what is the reason of travel ban?
  2. Did you see the news on tv? They do not collect the garbage in Lebanon for almost a month and people are about to lose their mind that they even injured military members in the name of environmentalism. I wonder when snapchat will be live from Lebanon.
  3. To be honest, i believe that both of them worth it. I dont think that there could be anything more blessed than holding your own baby in your hands. Unfortunately some things are impossible sometimes. Life is strange...
  4. Yep seriously I mean, does it worth it really? Because i know some people who spend a lot of effort to get married. I am single so cant answer it myself
  5. What do you guys think about getting married?
  6. i re-read your reply "what's new?" and i do get it like: (Long time no see. Where have you been. Missed chit chatting with you a lot. What's new? Everything okay? )
  7. I agree all the things you have said.
  8. that is pretty strange... first time in my life, i have seen a person who reads and then says huh? if you dont get it you read it again man.
  9. nothing much man. what about you?
  10. Mark for your information. Your forum is dead...
  11. Do not hesitate to write Devil. I wonder what you will write actually. Waiting...
  12. you are talking about Al Balad? where is burj nassar?
  13. so you managed to arrange a place?
  14. as long as you do not have a residence permit you are free to drive a car with the license which you got from your home country. so you can.
  15. btw it is late to book a table in le notre for valentines day it is already full i guess