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  1. My #biggestgamble married her lot years ago and still staying with her #badihimmatkibaat

  2. #beardtwitter

  3. Hope only tats fake n not the tatas ????

  4. Shower got hot after it had u in it

  5. RT @bhaiyyajispeaks: Get ready for reforms then, Ban atrocities on kids during Muharram, Completely vanish Halala, One nation One law & We…

  6. RT @dougbies: Nipples are just sex doorbells

  7. It wasn't me

  8. U bet I will

  9. Life is like a box of chocolates the fatter you are the quicker it goes... #5star #5starchocolates

  10. RT @KarmaJMusic: Don't try to hold onto what God is pulling you away from

  11. RT @SirPareshRawal: All Rohingya (neighbor) sympathisers where were you when Kashmiri pandit (our own citizens )were displaced?

  12. RT @TScpTaurus: #StarSignFacts: Taurus is generous.

  13. RT @Digamber: Girls dont buy or accept gift of #iPhoneX Without makeup you won't be able to unlock the iPhone.

  14. RT @TheMindSparkles: Intensely is the only way I know It's how I kissed you It's how I miss you