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  1. @ammy_sethi Lol waise shakal yaha bhi kuch khaas नहीं है ????

  2. @sujatachandran @enveloped01 @iamashkapoor ????????

  3. @_wisdomtooth @Nomads_rantings Aur teddy beer maange toh ????????????

  4. RT @HatindersinghR: Every Indian Family Has A Plastic Bag Full Of Plastic Bags. RT If Your Fanily Is One Of Them ????????

  5. Just the one unfollower today found tracked by

  6. @Sseher_shine @AmTrehan नहीं करनी क्यू मांग रहे हो

  7. RT @karanbirtinna: My wife just said "I'm fine" and "Do whatever you want" in a single sentence so if you never see another tweet from me a…

  8. Inventions are due to ideas, And Ideas are due to needs. #manishsnapshots #frozenmomentz #frozenmomentzphotography…

  9. And a good bowling show #AUSvIND


  11. RT @Rekhta: Andhera hai kaise tera khat padhoon Lifaafe mein kuchh raushni bhej de ~Mohammad Alvi

  12. RT @saroanco: Welcome to your 40’s, everything gives you anxiety or indigestion.

  13. Yes sadly or happily i agree

  14. Just the one new follower today found welcome tracked by