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  1. 1 tweep unfollowed (goodbye!) me in the past week. Thank you

  2. Just the one unfollower today found tracked by

  3. Bitches get fucked doggy style ig they need to learn more

  4. RT @120yearz: I'm not a cop but I'll frisk you

  5. RT @terStayGun: Scenery nothing can beat

  6. I guess movie did not earn

  7. RT @crimsoninked: We're all estranged from someone we'll forever love.

  8. RT @AdvancedMaushi: Heard that bhaijaans in pakistan are keeping an extended roza this saturday to ensure India loses, joining them is also…

  9. RT @AdvancedMaushi: KKHAMAWNNN BOYS LET'S KILL IT MORROW! @imVkohli @YUVSTRONG12 @ImRo45 @SDhawan25 @ajinkyarahane88 Let's retain the tro…

  10. Gained 1 followers and lost 1 (stats by

  11. Also if he uses a butt plug when he farts

  12. RT @Tattos_addict: Tattoos Are Hot. Rt if you like

  13. RT @iGreenMonk: God made relatives. Thank God I can choose my friends