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  1. RT @HitmanCricket: Tum kisi aur se ishq karlo, Humein ameer hone mein zara waqt lagega..

  2. RT @AmTrehan: अकेले हम ही शामिल नहीं हैं... इस जुर्म में... नजर जब मिली थी... मुस्कराये तुम भी थे...

  3. RT @Alllahdin: Liver is injurious for alcohol.

  4. RT @AsYouNotWish: Dear Jacob, Can you explain the science behind a virgin becoming a mother, water becoming wine, a man walking on water a…

  5. RT @Ceee_TheGreat: I had my first seizure when I was 17 & my last seizure was a week ago. I was diagnosed w epilepsy when i was 20. Over th…

  6. I really love Vada Pav, it really doesn't matter who is rich or poor everyone loves Vada Pav. #manishsnapshots…

  7. RT @youlooklikeamom: Those friends you can go weeks, months, years not speaking to and it’s like no time has ever passed. I have enough of…

  8. RT @Reeeeema9_n: I know a Punjabi who is a vegeterian. Think i have seen it all.

  9. RT @Mehwishstubborn: We’re all just killing time until time kills us.

  10. RT @gaurav_jain13: I think gutka was invented by a married man, to keep his mouth also busy doing something while having an argument with w…

  11. RT @golgappa__: Last night I asked my mom for Pizza at 2 am. She gave me a glass of water and said ले पीजा ????????????????????????????????????????

  12. RT @Paa_wan: शादी के बाद पता चला कि... . . . . . . "पति-पत्नी" वाले चुटकुले सिर्फ चुटकुले नही थे..!!

  13. RT @lucifergabreil: If no one sees you eating, then it has no calories..!!!

  14. RT @seher_sunshine: Baarish.... Bheegna... listening this song... Feeling ????????......pulkit samrat... ???????? Bhigi bhigi sadako pe me tera intjar…

  15. RT @wes_kuruni: If instagram gains weight, will it be called instakilogram ?