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  1. I know a branch that's in Jabriya, next to Starbucks and Pinkberry. Another branch is at the Avenues, next to Cinescape and T.G.I. Friday's. But like what ymaimoon said, they're not in the same league as Papa John's or Pizza Hut, as they're prices are slightly more expensive but they are pretty good. Another great pizza place that I'd recommend is Homeslice.
  2. I've always ordered my Chinese food from China Garden. While they are pretty good, I'm just hoping that there are some better options out there. Any suggestions?
  3. You guys should check out this new advertisement for the new Galaxy S5; http://youtu.be/-XseHZyvGtg I was first thinking of going either with HTC or Sony's latest flagship offerings but after seeing that video, I'm honestly thinking of going with S5 instead. This is shocking as I've always been a Galaxy hater but that video changed me for some reason. Very well made.
  4. Was only able to find it @ Souq.com
  5. KEMS (50 Mbps)
  6. So I finally went to InfoConnect yesterday to subscribe with Kems and their new '50 Mbps' package (we'll see about that) and they told that it'll be active in three days. Now my question is about the router, should I invest in an expensive, advanced one or does not matter at all? I mostly need it for online gaming and streaming. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Wow, this is just embarrassing. But I guess it's because they're busy with the convention currently going on. Or was this the case before the convention even started?
  8. Kems offers: - 15 Mbps: Annual package for 120 KD anually and Monthly package for 13 KD monthly. - 24 Mbps: Annual package for 180 KD anually and Monthly package for 20 KD monthly. - 50 Mbps: Annual package for 230 KD anually and Monthly package for 25 KD monthly.
  9. Those are insane! Can anybody who's tried Fasttelco tell me if their experience was good or bad? Cause if they're good, I'm ready to go right now and register with that 20 Mbps package.
  10. The only difference it makes really is voice control. I don't know about you but controlling something with your voice is 10 times better than actually holding on to a remote control.
  11. Well, he won't be disappointed, that's for sure. Tell him some random online dude wishes him a happy birthday.
  12. If it makes you feel better, it is like that everywhere else. Blame the low stock and the very high demand. Add to that how Sony have been killing it lately.
  13. Any upcoming offers from Kems?
  14. Blink.com.kw offers two region models, US and EU, for the price of 175 KD and 150 KD respectively. EU is sold out at the moment though.