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  1. oh nice i already watch chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai its funny and i like the story and about the eflen lied i will watch it thanks for the info bro! and i prepare subbed anime since japanese are the one who really voice anime's the voice actor speak better and good to watch rather than dubbed sound plain and sounds bad for me don't get me wrong i like dub animes too but i really prefer original language for the anime
  2. they said the story is nice . ill try to watch it! thanks~
  3. yeah sure but it said you cant receive another message. how about pm me and i send it to you
  4. i know this in not related to video games. just want to ask to some people who watch anime here , any suggestion of an anime comedy series that i can watch. and to those who are interested in an anime poster im selling bought it in philippines i got shingeki no kyojin\attack on titan , black rock shooter , one piece
  5. looking for a electric bass guitar 4strings . with a fair and good price and an excellent condition.
  6. Huawei g600 white with case both it 65kd. Good condition want to trade with guitar
  7. looking for a good price and a good condition