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  1. In my house and houses visited, yes i would say its normal. A heater is a must
  2. Assuming i dont want to go back to aramex, do i have any other alternatives?
  3. Same here They have really been incredibly slow and their website is awful. I have three pending shipments with them. After that im switching to another service. Mark, hopefully you can do another updated comparison post to help us out
  4. Hey guys. New question. How can i dispose of a battery? I have one that i dont want to use anymore
  5. viva has VOLTE been using it for a while now
  6. Hello, Lookong for someone who can set up 2 synologys for everything. A similiar setup http://248am.com/mark/personal/the-synology-ds1511/ The devices i have are the ds216play I have tried and failed horribly and therefore looking for someone to do everything for me (for a small fee ofcourse)
  7. go with postaplus. Easier and guaranteed delivery.
  8. Hello, Congrats first of all. Second, i do know a few people on scholarships getting married and with kids even. you can get married in a mosque, but u still need to have a marriage certificate officially in the courts and also get it certified in Kuwait's ministry of exterior so that you both can be officially married. The best thing to do is to talk to the consultant in DC to see what paperwork needs to be done. Best of luck
  9. Hello, highly recommend "business make cafe" in olympia 2nd floor not an ad nor associated with the shop, but great place to finish work.
  10. Hello angvil To give you my personal experience, I used to smoke two packs a day for close to 9 years. After switching to vaping my health has improved immensely. My lungs feel great, i perform better at the gym and i dont smell like an ashtray (neither does my car). At first it wasn't easy and i did switch back to smoking and back to vaping a few times (originally had a schedule of vaping at work and smoking at night) but now im a steady vaper and haven't smoked a cigarette for the past 3 months. Do i still get the itch to light a cigarette? yes i do but i can overcome that feeling easily. If your determined you can quit but you need to have a strong will or else you will go back to smoking.
  11. Order from http://jawikw.com In salmiya there are shops that sell called medwakh bin ali though not alot of choices. In front of olympia on salem al mubarek street
  12. Just got shipment #1 from mr babu for 4 mxjo batteries 2500. Avaiable locally too
  13. congrats mate. Ordered or locally? Also kangertech coming out with ceramic coils soon which should be great
  14. Congrats mate. Just a personal opinion and conclusion: The GCC health are to meet in riyadh on the 21st of this month (3 days from now) for alot of discussions. One of the main discussion points is vape in GCC. Do not order anything and wait to see what comes out of this meeting. In case they enforce the ban again. What i can confirm is that Kuwait and Bahrain are 100% pro so hopefully they should help influence the decision and allow it 100% in GCC. Then we order a shitload