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  1. He who knows the truth trudges the path but with purpose

  2. connections sucks most of the time for DOTA 2 here in Kuwait unless its DSL or early morning hours
  3. I hope they could make or organize a tournament for gamers of DOTA2.. its a good market venue for network, pc, laptop, and accessory suppliers. Not to mention other marketable items
  4. Acknowledging everything's purpose and necessity makes every struggle much lighter

  5. For the mature at heart anime lovers... I suggest Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" Not that it's an Academy Award winning movie but it has the soul of the Japanese society and its culture in it. For the young at heart much like me, I'd still love Ranma 1/2, Daimos (Richard & Erica's love story), Voltes V, the crossing over of Voltron, Dragon Ball, Gundam, Hunter X Hunter and later generations of One Piece & Naruto
  6. is there any tournaments for DOTA or DOTA2 here in Kuwait? Say a sponsored tournament maybe?
  7. In war, those who never knew of the enemy most didn't come back alive