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  1. I've closed down the Community for posting. If you have any question related to Kuwait you can now ask it in Kuwestions
  2. yup, i'm slowly dropping the community.
  3. What useless comments? What comments to promptly and accurately reply to? I don't think you realize what the issue is... nobody is using the forum anymore. Your ideas make sense if the forum was busy and mods weren't being able to catch up but its empty, having 100 mods won't solve anything.
  4. How would pruning obsolete threads or appointing forum moderators increase participation?
  5. yeah i think i'm gonna shut the community down. it's been dead for awhile and i've only kept it up for nostalgic purposes. Kinda sad since there are nearly 200,000 posts here but not sure what else there is left to do.
  7. Can't you guys just travel to Egypt? Could be a fun road trip renting a car and driving from city to city. I've always wanted to check out the Valley of the Kings over there, seems pretty cool.
  8. If InfoConnect is taking place it isn't taking place at the Kuwait International Fairgrounds
  10. I didn't post it on my events page because there is no reliable source that has posted about the event. if the actual infoconnect instagram and the KIF instagram don't have it posted then it doesn't look like its actually taking place
  11. whats a skype tv camera?
  12. i think its common, sometimes its colder inside than out, probably has something to do with the fact we use concrete and no insulation?
  13. their website is suspended and their instagram account hasn't been updated in 2 years and nothing on InfoCenter BUT, Kuwait Times, Bazaar and a few others have posted the following although I doubt its accurate due to all of the above: Infoconnect is a 7 day event being held from 22nd January to 28th January 2017 at the Kuwait International Fair Ground in Kuwait City, Kuwait. This event showcases products like computer peripherals, IT security tools, software solutions, data warehousing systems and a host of other related services and accessories. The show draws in active participation from eminent professionals from both the public as well as the private sectors and the latest innovations and developments in the IT industry are closely looked into here. The show is held over a period of seven days at the Kuwait International Fairground and enjoys large scale media coverage too etc. - Date: 22 Jan to 28 Jan. 2017 - Time: 04:00 PM – 10:00 PM - Location: Kuwait International Fair Ground, Mishrf
  14. I flip flop between Posta Plus and Aramex. Mostly though I use Posta Plus.
  15. I didn't say shopandship, i said mybox which is at least 1/3 of the cost of DHL and just a couple of days slower. MyBox is $8.25 for first pound and $6.5 for each additional pound. No yearly membership. My MacBook Pro cost me around $35 shipping and that included clearance fees.