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  1. I am looking for an R4 card for a new 3DS XL. I have just uograded system to Which card do you recommend to run 3ds ROMs? I will get a 32gb SD card at the same time. Thanks This is the one I'm currently looking at Any suggestions?
  2. Quote from k3ds official team: 27.6.2014: New Picture revealed After our last update, we got serveral requests for pictures of our final PCB. We didn't wanted to show it off yet, but due to your numerous requests, we decided to release it now. You can see how many parts we have to invest in our PCB. We hope that that justifies our price of 99$ for each customer a bit. We decided against a Micro-B USB plug and for a Mini-B plug because we think that it's a bit more wide spread. Here it is:
  3. yeah, gateway 3ds flashcart is currently the best 3ds mode cart out there, but I have already upgarded my 3ds to the latest 7.2, so I bought myself this wood r4i gold card and it worked like a charm
  4. The K3DS, which can play all known 3DS ROMs and emuNAND 7.2 3ds games will be released in late July, 2014. Any thoughts? Quote from the official team: he K3DS. Our experienced team took the best of the DS scene and the best of the 3DS scene and put the results into a revolutionary new and breathtaking product: The K3DS. Our Product allows you to have a DS mode flashcard with the best of it's world (like Supercard DSTWO, R4, DS-Xtreme and CycloDS iEvolution) in combination with the revolutionary features of the 3DS mode (like GW3DS, MT Card) and you only have to take one single gamecard in the future for all products. That means that you don't have to drag at least two cards for activating 3DS Exploit and using both DS and 3DS mode. But since that's not enough for us, we are also working on breaking the DSi mode to offer a 3in1 solution. But our current priority lays on the 3DS mode, so don't expect anything at the time of our release. To make switching between both worlds as easy as possible, we provide a built-in button to switch between DS- and 3DS mode. Our card has full 4 GB (4096MB) storage included that you can upload programs to over USB. But it's only an additional storage, mainly for firmware and game kernal updates and we included a MicroSD card reader which supports up to 64GB FAT32 storage (might be expanded to 128GB and more soon). Pictures: (The design might change during development) Except of that, our Software is better than everything released in the past! We support independend homebrew developers and they can launch their applications directly from the Menu without having to patch the ROMs like Gateway. In addition to that, we have an incredible support for all the latest games like Pokemon X & Y and Zelda a Link between worlds and serveral eShop titles. But that all wouldn't worth anything if there wasn't the EmuNAND feature which we took from GW but updated it to work with 7.2. As a great bonus, our flashcard supports the dumping of games and eShop titles Built-in. That means that you don't even have to take the card out any more. In addition to that, we are the first card to support online play with scene dumps! Please remember that our method of realizing this feature might be unstable in some cases. (To the tech freaks under us: we generate a random new game ID when reading the games for the first time. But we can read existing IDs, too.) But we don't support cheaters so no cheat engine is included. We hope that you understand our decision. It would destroy the Onlineplay we spent much time to include.
  5. thanks for the reply, I've already bought mine from which works pretty good.
  6. Anybody know a good sight where I can get a 3ds flsah cart for my 3DS to run 3ds roms on it? I have a 3DS XL, running the latest firmware. I hope this is the right place to ask. Thanks a lot.