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  1. I think you nailed it there. Thanks guys, I feel better about my house now
  2. Just wondering... do all houses in Kuwait, in Villas as well as high-rise Apartments get cold from the inside during winter even when the ACs have been turned off? My rooms get pretty cold and stay that way through the day and I sometimes feel its warmer outside when the sun is out. Just wondering if there's a fault/leak somewhere at my place or is this common to all homes here?
  3. Depends what part of Mangaf you're in. The newer areas in parts of block 4 have GPON fiber lines, you can't go wrong with that.
  4. Walk into any money exchange, muzaini for example (or an office with a company account with couriers), you can send your stuff to the US via dhl, fedex or aramex for about 3 KD.
  5. I too have my KFH Credit Card linked to paypal as well, but only to spend and buy - you can not withdraw from paypal to ANY Kuwait bank account / card.
  6. Changed location in the xbox to UK (No idea why ) then bought the code online from Amazon UK even though it kept saying "for UK customers only". Probably the same method for US purchase...
  7. Thanks man, I've got it now too. Although it took me a couple of days to figure out how to pay as it only accepted a US or UK based credit card (online and through the app on the xbox).
  8. Just wondering, anyone here in Kuwait with EA Access that works just fine? Coz the official EA Access/XBOX page only allows for a US issued credit card for purchases.
  9. Oooo interesting... never knew that. $30 a year and access to all those games, seriously thinking about it. Thanks dude On the other hand, a friend I asked the same question yesterday said "Wait for FIFA 17, out in september"...
  10. Yes it is, but only the demo with limited fuctions. I'm looking for the full game.
  11. New game is for around 13 KD, wondering if I can get a used one... and approx price? I know the answer by default would be "Rihab Complex" but hopefully someone can help me out with some more info. Or if there's some delivery guy because there's not much time to head out in Ramadan.
  12. ... after sub-titles please
  13. I would think Amazon / EbayMotors would still be your best bet.
  14. Just wondering, don't they check your tint % with that gadget at your annual vehicle inspection and renewal? Surely in those 7 years, at least a couple of times?
  15. Or Ooredoo 4g+ 200 gb internet for 4 KD a month or 6 KD if you want the router. I know they have a 1 TB package too. Just a coupla days back, got a call from KEMS that my 15 MBPS package is expiring in 48 hours and that they will send a guy to my house (with a knet machine) to renew it - wow! That's some service However it still cost 120 kd (just like last year).