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  1. Well, even if the two of you go to bed angry, make sure, you dont wake up angry!
  2. Someone once said. Marriage is like a public toilet. Those standing outside, want to go in urgently Those inside it already, want to get out urgently.
  3. I'm pretty sures ther'd be a run matter what. Thought I'll also rely on the experiences of someone who has done it before.
  4. Hello, I am planning to import some food for reselling from France and I am looking for pointers on how to get his tested and what would be the acceptable alcohol limit, if acceptable at all. any information on this would be helpful
  5. Check out the lego website, you can ship through borderlinx if u hv an account.
  6. A Kuwaiti Police ID card would have the Police crown logo on it. My Q - does anyone having this card have a right to stop you and check your ID. I mean it could be a desk jockey with an MOI ID card right, trying to act smart? I think Burhan's observation would be more up the mark, that if a CID officer is approaching you he would ID himself first and then ask you for your ID.
  7. Check out the JVC/Alalamiah showroom in Salmiya. They have some musical instruments and I did see a Harmonica there.
  8. My next car would be an FJ Cruiser
  9. Hi Can someone suggest an independent Volvo workshop, which does good work. Ineed to have the timing belt replaced.
  10. Is there any place which sells a decent working telescope for kids?
  11. you could also try the singer shop which is in between the banking complex and the commercial area. They even have a cool salesguy, who can do a really good demo.
  12. Whle the israel thingie is way of track in a thread about the guy with 30 supercars, israel's innovation has stemmed from their lack of money. If they had money, coming out of the ground in the form of oil, they'd probably blow it up on cars too..
  13. Just visit your Local Telephone xchange...they will activate it for you upon payment....
  14. Fisha should not withdraw any of the electric wire because this leads to the diplomatic rupture and thus may Dumbfounds person Grasper service Must not come from trees near electrical wires because they can be solved in future detonators bad weather Do not put any metal objects in the aperture for a Alvich because that would lead to electrocute a person to spearhead this thing must also remove children from such places containing sources of electric current to ensure their safety and not put anything Peace must not use the side of the electric wires, as this may lead to the person who uses shocked when boarding, even if peace of wood is no guarantee that the land under the peace Moisten Do Not put appliances inside the bathroom when bathing water because a good conductor of electrical current and could lead to electrocute a person if Mptla or standing on wet ground Entertainers should not Baltiarat paper side of the towers bearing electrical wires because Flyer had engaged in those wires and lead to the person who stunned by Merrymake
  15. I have subscribed to the Value added services offered by MOC on my landline PSTN. Does any one know how to use them. The only thing that i can see that works is the caller ID. There are other services like automatic diversion, fast call, preventing international calls, call waiting, three-way conference call, incoming call transfer, and alarm and wake up services.