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  1. مات الطرب

  2. RT @flightorg: At 06:50am yesterday a Qatar Airways Airbus A321 aircraft positioned at a remote stand experienced a fire whilst under maint…

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  6. @SharkawyDev It’s been on Prime Video for a while

  7. @RiyadhBalushi Even more interesting would be the story of how anyone managed to get ownership of that land in the…

  8. RT @consequence: .@NeilYoung's entire online music archive is here, and it's fucking incredible:…

  9. RT @ESO_Oman_: We've successfully released the vultures today with the help of Waheed Al Fazari, Head of the Wildlife unit at the Office fo…

  10. @AnanAbdullatif Maybe you’re next, Anan!

  11. @o3mer @RiyadhBalushi @alialsalim I think it will be coupled with home delivery via @Ersal_om

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  15. @randybgoos I think it seats 2000