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  1. RT @rzj: "400 year old friendship"... Getting there. Since 1651

  2. @karimhabsi There’s going to be an uptick in diesel consumption as the shipping industry switches to low sulphur fu…

  3. @omanbroadband للأسف لا تزال المنطقة الموازية لمجمع السلطان قابوس الرياضي بلا تغطية و ليست في خطة التغطية مع ان كل…

  4. Watch Dr David Bosch presenting pictures from childhood in Muttrah in the 1950’s at Majlis Al Khonji. Memories from…

  5. @Hafedh955 When are those leases ending?

  6. @jahwary يعني الإباحة بدل ما تأخذ سنة ادفع ٢٠٪ زيادة و خذها في عشر أشهر بس؟

  7. @varun_kv I like The Expanse but I don’t find it wow. I’ve read the novels as well.

  8. @TheRestlessQuil Depends on the chocolate. Twix and Snickers taste better when they get near freezing. Dark chocola…

  9. What a shame that the municipality had to put these ugly concrete barriers because people wouldn’t abide by the law…

  10. @alhinai @o3mer @OAMCmedia I agree with you. Ordinarily I don’t leave the office before 4.30/5 and I’ve registered…

  11. RT @Hafedh955: As we get closer to the opening date of the new airport I have been informed that: Last flight from the old airport schedule…

  12. RT @Slate: The best digital cameras, according to professional Instagrammers:

  13. Choir! Choir! Choir! Epic! Nights: David Byrne + NYC sing HEROES via @YouTube

  14. 4 of 5 stars to Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold