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  1. @nibaq It’s not even worth that much

  2. @otheroman Is this what retirement looks like?

  3. RT @NetflixIsAJoke: Zach Galifianakis. Two ferns. A lot of famous people. Between Two Ferns: The Movie premieres September 20th. https://…

  4. Note the delivery time

  5. @karimhabsi @Albusaas @itsbrinda @Omantel

  6. I was in Phuket last month and the drop in tourism was visible everywhere. Some parts of the island felt dead. Empt…

  7. @AdamAljabry Looking good, Adam

  8. I’ve received the videos of Bill Hader’s impressions with the AI manipulated deep fake facial changes at least thre…

  9. RT @UAC_Russia_eng: Such an unusual scene: transporting of the Tu-144 supersonic aircraft with the disassembled wings to the place where it…

  10. “No federal laws govern the boxes; no rules require banks to compensate customers if their property is stolen or de…

  11. 3 of 5 stars to Mustaine by Dave Mustaine

  12. @nibaq

  13. @mla3b6ah اخضر ????????????

  14. @MayaRao @iiSherry Yes they are still there. There’s one near my house. Or you can take them directly to Dar Al Att…

  15. Sad news. I read MAD magazine religiously when I was a teen. I even subscribed and the issues would taken months to…