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  1. @MayaRao Last year was shitty too.

  2. @Hafedh955 #2

  3. RT @ianmcnaught: Anyone know the story behind the amazing but unfinished cycle track up in Wadi Kabir/Hamriya hills? So much work has gone…

  4. @rjamali88 I need to get my brain around it. No doubt the acting, direction, editing, and music are brilliant. But…

  5. RT @MKBHD: It’s still crazy to me that a company as massive and powerful and smart as Apple... can work on a product for 7 years… and end u…

  6. RT @RoyalOmanPolice: إضافة كلاً من الجمهورية الإسلامية الإيرانية وجمهورية روسيا الإتحادية وجمهورية الصين الشعبية إلى قائمة الدول المستفيدة…

  7. RT @ArabianBusiness: Is @Spotify set to launch in the Middle East?

  8. RT @spectatorindex: Interest rate. Argentina: 40% Iran: 18% Egypt: 16.75% Nigeria: 14% Turkey: 8% Mexico: 7.5% Russia: 7.25% Brazil: 6.5%…

  9. Change your twitter password, and enable two-factor authentication if you haven’t already

  10. @twiligh12195 @otheroman That’s what I’ve heard from others as well.

  11. Thread

  12. RT @winglets747: Issue is not low demand but actually a pilot shortage resulting from a recruitment lapse.

  13. RT @BunaTime: They done messed around and gentrified Sambusa by renaming it to “Sausage Triangles” lmaoooo. The caucacity is strong with th…

  14. @Hafedh955 I heard WY is sending them back early before the end of the lease

  15. RT @guardian: Abba announce first new songs for 35 years