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  1. RT @OxfordWords: Word of the Day: amazeballs

  2. @TheWayneFarrell I quit drinking regularly 17 years ago. Now once in a blue moon i crave a drink, often more than a…

  3. RT @APWestRegion: What is "antifa?" AP answers questions about the anti-fascist movement that protested in Virginia.

  4. @mohammadyousifi استاذ يوسف، الله يديم الأمان علينا كلنا. يا ريت كان هذا اخطر شي عندنا و لكن للأسف هذا كان فقط خبر…

  5. @JShukaili ليش تدخل عمان لما خلاص ربحت ٣٢٥ مليون ريال من عمان من غير ما تدخلها؟

  6. @teach_econ #1 kids college education #2 post-retirement income

  7. TIL that the Omani law doesn't exempt parodies from copyright violation

  8. RT @Duqm_Refinery: Amec Foster Wheeler appointed as the Project Management Consultant for the EPC Phase of Duqm Refinery…

  9. RIP Sam Shepard. He played Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff, one of my favorite movies of all time.

  10. @shathamaskiry @AnnAlkindi @SharifaAlBarami @NahlaAlBalushi @DuhaAwayes @AlshaibaniMalak @AdhamAlsaid…

  11. @a7MeDiNo @MusaabK Their CEO is British

  12. @AnanAbdullatif @omanbroadband @Omantel If your house isn't covered, it definitely will be in the future bcz MQ is…

  13. RT @BillGates: A dairy cow in the US produces 30 liters of milk every day. In Ethiopia? Just 1.69 liters. How do we fix this:…

  14. RT @readyplayernews: Official READY PLAYER ONE Trailer #1 #ReadyPlayerOne

  15. I think Omantel used a random word generator to come up with this campaign.