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  1. I've ordered a guitar amp from amazon but broke it immediately when it arrived. I plugged it without an adapter. Where can I fix it? Where do I go to?
  2. I went to the salmeen store in salmiya. They have almost nothing. I asked them if they have amps, they said no. He told me to go to their store in kaitan, but that one looks more aud centered than guitar.
  3. I don't care about the sort of amp really. What I was really looking for was the "Line 6 Spider IV 15". But I don't think I can get it here.
  4. Anyplace besides Al Dawaliya and Al Yousifi? I've only went to the Al Dawaliya that's in Salmiya. They've told me to come next month and they don't currently have any amps. Would I find amps in the one in Hawalli, or would I get the same results? Al Salmeen isn't very impressive. I went to their salmiya store, and there's almost nothing there. Any other stores? I've found plenty of >20lb amps in amazon, but even when that light, their shipping would more than double the cost.