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  1. I saw this updated news from as well,it seems that the new firmware update didnt mean to block any flash kit.
  2. If you hang around some forum,you will find currently,there havnt any cards can support 3ds games on N3DS/XL V8.0, currently, you can just buy a card to play ds roms, If r4 card is your favorite,you can give this card a shot : , one of popular r4i gold card, i have had one for ages and till now,it ran flawless.
  3. received my dstwo from and tested at once, yeah,it can directly work on my N3DS V8.0.
  4. Several days before, Nintendo team released a updated news that Nintendo handheld, N2DS, N3DS/XL firmware have been updated to v8.0.0-18, this time firmware update mainly made change in following : 1. improve system stability. 2. enchance users experience. 3. didnt block any flashcart. And according to the new confirmed information, following cards can directly work on N3DS,2DS latest firmware without any updating needed Supercard dstwo wood r4i gold 3ds r4isdhc rts 3ds r4i gold pro 3ds Ace3DS Plus R4isdhc dual-core r4isdhc silver rts card In a short word, as long as your card can work well on N3DS V7.1,then it will work on V8.0 firmware as well.
  5. far as i knew,all 3ds game cards only support run 3ds games on N3DS V4.1-4.5, and among which,gateway 3ds was the best 3ds game card with attractive features, i have bought one from and till now,it ran 3ds games with 2.2 omega perfectly.
  6. Currently,this card is still under development,suggested by one of my friends,i bought a gateway 3ds from ,after all,gateway 3ds was the world's first card to support 3ds roms with powerful features and most important,it has been tested by many players,so i followed his suggestion.