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  1. Sonyboy, The oil change thing is really subject to the weather in which you drive. For eg. Kuwait has such high temperatures that is really damaging the vehicle. I remember sometime my engine heat would go in the red zone, simply bcoz I turned the A/C on. This is why I recommend and myself use synthetic oil. They do claim that it can last 10,000km, but if you ask a good experienced me mechanic they will tell you that oil breaksdown over a long time in the engine. Synthetic is good for the engine as it develops a protective layer on the components, but it still should be changed 5000km with the oil filter (oil filters are cheap). It might sound corporate, but you are taking care of your car. If your engine seizes due to sludge, that will be more expensive to fix than any oil change.
  2. What ??? I bought my new sony action cam, directly from Sony's website. Okay I realise some manufacturers don't sell direct, but you can still find cheap. I am not very happy with my camera and I am looking to buying a GoPro Hero 3+ black. Is Dubai considerably cheaper when it comes to electronics?
  3. I just buy all my electronics online, direct from the manufacturer. I find that to be cheaper than best buy. Most of my electronic purchases are related to camera. I think that store price of electronic item whether in US or Kuwait is nearly same. I was trying to find if I can get GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition cheaper by having it ordered from xcite, but the price was nearly same to best buy. If you want to buy electronics cheap, the best time to shop around would be online on boxing day after Christmas, that's when it gets really cheap. I use amazon to buy my stuff, not sure if you are able to buy using amazon in Kuwait or not.
  4. Oil and filter should be changed regularly every 5000 kilometers. Especially if driving in Kuwait weather where temperatures are extreme. I recommend using fully synthetic engine oil and change that every 5000 kms along with the oil filter. The better you take care of your car , the longer it will last.
  5. I don't know much about CFA, not my field. If GUST has a course that part of it is transferrable to a University in the US or UK (you get to do 2 years and graduate, then its worth pursuing it. I wouldn't waste my time and money otherwise. Good luck !
  6. Which are the best places to go visit in Kuwait, with kids and family? and which area has the best beaches?
  7. ^ I couldn't complete and edit the last post. My iPhone doesnt have the option. Anyways to sum it. Surrey you are just plain out rude and unfriendly. So from now on I am ignoring.
  8. Surrey, Just read your post. You are a very unfriendly , rude person. This tells a lot about your personality. I went thru your previous post and a lot of ppl offended by you. It is kuwaitis like you who end up on l
  9. Agreed. This doesn't have to do with the country, but how some ppl are cruel. That is what I have been saying all this time. This topic is going nowhere, its time to let this thread die in peace.
  10. Surrey, what makes u think I lost my job? Like I said I left my job , bcoz I wanted to. Im qualified enuff that employers actually offer me job, without me even seeking and I dont hold any grudge against anyone and nor I am "trying" to come back, the way you put it. I can come back anytime I like. Infact I will be visiting soon. I have friends, family in kwt and an emotional attachment. As for slave treatment. That is true bcoz I have seen ppl treated that way, read ARAB TIMES, KUWAIT TIMES. Those are Kuwaiti Newspapers. That is however not true for all Kuwait. Peace, no personal hard feelings.
  11. I thought I should add this just to lighten up. I had a Kuwaiti friend who studied in the US and we worked together and he use to consider me as his brother. That was 10 years ago though. I m not trying to paint a good or bad picture here, but just bringing out some points on the table on : "Why expats dunno like Kwt?"
  12. Something happened on the prev. post Bottom line, stop taking my posts out of context if you cant handle constructive criticism without going personal. I have met many marvellous, nicest Kuwaitis you can imagine. I have socialized with Kwtis who have Phds and also socialized with those who never went to school. Most crime in kwt is committed by xpats and kwtis have their hands in domestic abuse. I like to see everyone treated EQUAL. Is that not fair?
  13. Roxa, You got a good scholarship. I am happy for you. Good luck to your future, but you are way off topic. This topic has to do with Expats and Kuwaitis. Expats don't get that scholarship from Kwt. On another note, please don't educate me abt the states. I probably know more about the states than you do. Keep in mind the size of the USA, its population, its demographics and culture. You will get everything. Pointing a finger on USA does not give you green light to abuse domestic workers in your own country. You should be brave enough to come out and say that we need improvement in this area. Again, I m not discussing about expats in US, I know the Americans have their own problems and criticizing the US has become a fashion overseas. I dislike that. The Americans have saved a lot of countries Do me a favour. Can you pls be a MP or something when you grow up
  14. Peace out man and stop the hate. I dont even know you ! I am not here to argue or anything. Just trying to have a sensible debate with both good and bad points. Not trying to be hateful towards anyone or anything. On a sidenote : No, I never runaway from Kuwait. I had problems with a dominant / possessive employer who didnt like people quitting and joining another firm. Which is a common common thing in Kuwait. I can come back to Kuwait whenever I want and only reason would be to visit my old mates who are also Kuwaitis. & yes I already spent my paycheck. There are obvious good aspects about Kuwait. Don't take my posts out of context. and you are wrong about European women ! I can guarantee you on that
  15. Work hard, play hard.