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  1. thank you sir.
  2. Hello guys, anyone knows the new location of Salmiya Clinic which used to be located beside Sultan Center Salmiya? Thanks!
  3. i bought mine (around March 2015) at xcite in Salmiya (THE CUBE). i am thinking of selling mine. bought it at 58KD. Size: Large Color: Black box, charger and receipt available Condition: good (with light scratches on the screen)
  4. hi guys, any recommendation where to get this done? thanks!
  5. That's my biggest concern actually. Digits has international warranty. I know where i'm getting it now. Thanks for your time
  6. arsda, thanks for the reply mark, thanks for the advice. will probably get it at alghanim or digits then. have a great day to both of you
  7. Hi guys, not sure if it belongs to the geeks section but I am planning to buy the above item. where do you recommend buying it? digits, alghanim or blink? (outside Kuwait is not an option for me) I had purchased a lot of items from alghanim and fortunately had only one problem with them regarding the defective external battery (brand was mili or something like that). that was 2 years back. I returned it to them and they directed me to their service center in alrai. Once there, the "professionals" told me they were not the agent and advised to go ask the sales guy at xcite where i bought it from. WTF? So i returned to xcite (marina mall) and asked the guy. He insisted that it is under alghanim's warranty and told me to go look for (insert name) at their service center. So 2nd time around, I went to their service center and found the guy. He said they don't have the tools at the moment to repair the item and told me to come back after 2 weeks. Holy shit? I took his number and told him I'll give him a call after 2 weeks. So I did. and unfortunately, the "special" tools did not arrive yet. They can't replace the item until proven it is a manufacture's defect and could not be repaired. So yeah... I just threw the item in the bin. that;s my history with alghanim. For Digits, it's bit expensive. so never bought any item from them For Blink, whenever I go to Hawally, I can see their workshop. I have doubts that if I buy Mac from them, it might be, how do you call that, repaired and sold as new? I am not saying anything here. that's just my own assumption. since it's an apple, I believe warranty is covered internationally no matter where I buy the item? or i might be wrong? thanks in adv for your advise
  8. thank you.
  9. Hi guys. any recommendation where to buy fish tanks? + a good pet shop? thanks.
  10. Labor Salary: 60 KD Bus Fees: -24 KD Housing Fees: -16 KD (10 labors in 1 BR apartment) Groceries Fees: -20 KD Remaining Salary: 0 KD It's too bad they were forced to come to Kuwait and don't have anywhere else to go back to. Oh wait 60 KD is criminally low, I agree, but then why do they agree to come here? Boss, they are not "forced to come to Kuwait". All of the expats that come here are under a contract. A very specific example are maids. On their contract it states that they should be paid a minimum of (xxxx).. for indian & philipin housemaids as an example, they MUST be paid a minimum wage of $400 a month with 1 off day per week, mobile, etc. Now if you convert $400 which was mentioned earlier to the home currency of the worker, that's a lot. So who would not want to go here? but the reality is when they get here. the contract doesn't seem to exist anymore. some end up being paid 60KD/month or lower instead of the 110KD ($400) as mentioned in the contract. no mobile phones, no off days for some. so what will they do then? GTFO? for sure they had a loan back home that was used for all the processing of their papers and such, knowing they could repay it back. its the same for some of the workers. they applied as, let's say a driver but ending up being a tea boy. now back to the bus fare hike. yes i agree. 50 fils is a lot.
  11. thank you. do you happen to know where i could get one?
  12. hi guys. just wanted to check. is/are there any "device" in kuwait that i could connect to my landline to prevent calls from outside? not actually prevent but it will ask the caller to enter a password (usually 3 digits), once successful, the call will go through, otherwise it will just give a busy tone or something. reason: receiving many calls / missed-calls especially during midnight thanks
  13. The noise is the same and LOUD when they .... Oh gosh it is really a shame the lady scream loud that the whole floor can hear. i'd record the sound, write in cd then post it at their door + an aggressive note. its a fair warning otherwise it will be up for sale titled "scandal in kuwait". you can find it outside mcdonald's / johny rockets - salmiya for 500 fils a copy. LOL
  14. hi guys. no luck in google search and can't read arabic. could you guys help me out by providing a link to where i could read/print (even arabic, then will have it translated) the law in kuwait about expiration date of gift vouchers. many thanks!
  15. thank you. will try it otherwise, will just opt to rent. are there places that rents out blueray movies?