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  1. So I was thinking about the difficulties of getting people to get a quick confirmation on group activities especially when it requires a large head count and a short timeframe to set up. The event can be as simple and small as a tennis match to something more complex like a LAN gaming event. If there exists a Telegram group already, please do share. To start off with here's a Telegram channel link: http://telegram.me/kuwaitredditors
  2. If you are curious whether or not your phone number shows up, Telegram doesn't show your phone number to other members in the channel unless said member already has your phone number in his/her contact list.
  3. I have searched the forums with posts related to mailing services in Kuwait however I have yet to see a post regarding sending mail from Kuwait to the US. Has anyone used the standard government postal service to send mail to the US and confirmed that it got to the recipient? If so, which post office was used to send the mail? Regards
  4. They told me 3-5 days.
  5. Can non-registered members play in any one of those government sports clubs?
  6. I sent my mail (it was a letter) via PostaPlus and the cheapest form of delivery was 10KD. I completely forgot that WU and Al-Muzaini offered that service. Had to get rid of the letter quick so I didn't have time to compare prices.
  7. Does anyone know any consulting companies that do small scale residential projects or know a street in Kuwait that's full of them? I would like to add another floor on my house and require drawings and floor plans.
  8. There are only 3 under decor =(
  9. I ordered supplements from biovea.com late December of 2015 and they shipped it through UPS with a tracking number domestic to the US as it starts with no letters. When the parcel shipped abroad, there was no new tracking number and it did not have my telephone number printed on it. However, it did have my physical home address on it. I went to UPS and asked them what happened; they replied saying that the overseas shipping was transferred over to USPS and hence I was not provided with an international tracking number--don't know if that's true--so they told me to check the MoT basement and local post office. I got a refund from biovea.com claiming that the parcel was lost after checking the MoT basement and local post office and finding no evidence of my parcel. Now to my twofold question: should the parcel have gone to Hateen? Is it true that if the parcel contained dietary supplements that it should first visit the MoH?
  10. Thanks, but I downloaded the app and didn't get many contacts and they were all handymen and not consultants.
  11. Want to Buy: 350Z pre-2006 manual transmission accident free must allow 3rd party inspection stock willing to pay up to KD2500
  12. Yesterday, I signed what is written on the company paper as an "open ended employment contract". The problem is that I wish I didn't sign it. I would like to revoke the employment contract due to sudden personal issues. Currently I work a government job. I signed the attached papers while I was still working in said job. My question is, how can I revoke the contract that I signed and still work in my current job as if nothing happened? What exactly do I need to tell the HR manager who signed this on behalf of the company? PDF link: http://people.oregonstate.edu/~fayraqa/employment_contract.pdf
  13. What I'm worried about is para 21 where I cannot sign up for another company until after a year. What I want to prove to them is that all of the papers that I signed does not take into effect until I commence my first day of duty as per para 1.
  14. If you have the app called "4sale" go to the miscellaneous category and click miscellaneous again, the first couple of ads you find will be e-cigs and Liqua brand e-juice. I do not know how much the e-juice is sold for, but if you call the guy and check then you can compare with the prices on jawikw.
  15. This is very unfair on Aramex's part. Some people are getting prohibited items sent while others are not. I will have to comment on that when I see them next time.
  16. That's what I thought until I stopped receiving packages that was under a different name; without any notice.
  17. Do they also tell you if they deleted your package for some reason before having it get into your box? Like if it doesn't adhere to the list of things you can send to Kuwait or if your name is not the exact same name as the one listed under your KWI number.
  18. Is there a way to tell if Aramex in NY actually received your package? I've asked Bank of America to send a new card to me since a week and a half ago, but I don't see it received and registered in the shopandship website.
  19. Nice list of classical Kuwaiti songs. Let me add to it:
  20. Fixed. Apparently my volt meter is too old to read while the power is on. It's one of those analog ones from the 80's you gotta love hand-me-downs. When you put the posts across the battery terminals it reads it as a short. I noticed this when I checked it on a normal 1.5V AA battery. Now for the lack of vapor part, I think it was because I was running a steel mesh setup. The mesh was too thick to reach the silica underneath and couldn't vaporize the e-juice quick enough. This time I switched it to two normal coils. The atomizer resistance is now 0.5, however with the mod and everything it totals to approximately 1ohm. I think it's impossible to run a sub-ohm setup with this mod due to the crazy high resistance.
  21. So recently I've experienced my setup not emitting as much vapor as it did before. Now I don't know if this is what's supposed to happen, but when I checked the reading of the entire setup (mod+RBA+battery) when ON, the ohm meter read 0 Ohms. From my understanding, this only means that there is a short circuit. I've been trying to find a discussion online of anyone experiencing the same thing, but haven't found any yet. So just to get a confirmation from you guys, is this supposed to happen? Because what I know is that there still needs to be resistance even when a circuit is on or else it's short-circuiting.
  22. So I figured that there were two e-juices that came with the package one was the cola 0mg and the other a 12mg apple. The apple one didn't come in a cover and looks kind of shady. When I vaped the apple, it felt like I was smoking a cigarette, while the cola one didn't give that itchy throat feeling. Is it due to the nicotine?
  23. Just got my vape mail yesterday from JawiKW. I figured if I ordered it from fasttech that it would take forever to get here, if it ever does. The e-juice that came with it tastes horrendous! It was 0mg Cola from Dekang.
  24. I know this is bad soliciting on my part, but I really hate going back and forth from home to Ardhiya. You guys are probably expecting a list of extension numbers, however I made this thread to ask for them. So. . . anyone know any extension numbers for Aramex? We all know no one answers on the main line. Just a side story: I opened up a new account with them online but never got a verification e-mail and so I can't log in. Went to them, opened up an account in person, was assuming they would e-mail me with a temporary password but didn't.
  25. I saw a couple of pics of a Kayfun, does it spill if its turned upside down? That's an issue with Krakens that makes them inconvenient when using a coil only setup.