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  1. Um, I use Mada biscuit router. And I usually use it to download. I get 560-600+kbps download speed and there is no cap on bandwidth. I tried Zain's and Viva's 4g Internet, the cap and price was too much for me. It depends if you want high speed net for just browsing and light stuff as checking mails go with Viva 4g, if you want Internet for mainly downloading I think Mada is good..
  2. Try Avanti Palace in Hawalli, 4kd per person on Thu and Fri. Btw, any other place than the The Roof in Shaab which has buffet for 5kd or less per person you know of?
  3. Hi, does anyone know from where I can get Kefir Grains? I don't tolerate dairy that well, and was looking to get Kefir grains so I can make Kefir Milk at home. If anyone knows about it, it would be very helpful.