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  1. thanks a bunch for your help guys! Sonyboy, by any chance are you referring to that furniture store called "midas"?
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy one of those super comfortable recliners with the foot rests that pop out? Are Catnappers available in Kuwait?
  3. hey, i was wondering if anyone had prior experience shipping in zippos or anything else similar. would i have to worry about it getting confiscated upon arrival or something like that? i would imagine that there wouldnt be a safety issue, considering the zippo wont contain any kind of fluid when its being shipped but anyone who has any insight regarding this, your help is much appreciated! thanks
  4. hey wolfy, my dad's actually selling his 2007 pajero (not the 3 door version) for kd 2000. it's got approximately 130,000 km on it. the car itself is in great condition and accident free and the only reason for sale is 'cause we just bought a new car and the pajero is just sitting at home, idle. if you're interested do let me know and i could send you some pictures or you could just come check out the car yourself! have a good one! -k
  5. what's up guys i'm trying to find out what some of the popular bjj gyms here are. anyone on this forum signed up for bjj classes in kuwait? if so, what kinda prices should i expect to pay to join a gym with good facilities and how would you say the quality of the instructors are? are these classes beginner friendly? i've mainly been involved in stand up martial arts like taekwondo and muay thai but lately i've been taking a real interest towards jiu jitsu and really want to work on my ground game any info you guys can provide will be appreciated thanks!
  6. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/shake-shacks-newest-burger-is-a-surf-and-turf-lobster-a-1724621265 this looks delicious, anyone know if we'll be seeing it in kuwait as well? i wonder how much it'll cost. EDIT: oh no, just read that it'll only be available in boston. that sucks.
  7. hi friends! i was just wondering if anyone had any insight on where i can pick up perfume atomizers. for those of you that aren't sure what those are, they are basically small vials that you can use to load up perfume in them. usually 5-10ml. they look kinda like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blue-Mini-Travel-Refillable-Perfume-Atomizer-Bottle-Spray-Scent-Pump-Case-USA-/271500665604 it's just so you don't have to carry the whole bottle and also with the regulations on how much liquid you can carry in your hand luggage you can be sure you're under the limit. also, they don't have to look exactly the same as the one's i shared in the link, just serve the same purpose. so, if anyone knows where i can pick these up, i'll be grateful. i'm traveling next week and would really like to pack light! cheers!
  8. http://248am.com/classifieds/items-for-sale/cars-motorbikes-boats/2006-epica_i2553
  9. I know, what I meant was the flight I took was full and there were no more Business Class seats available.
  10. I flew on an A380 from Amsterdam to DXB around 2 years ago. It was an Emirates flight and I didn't actually know I'd be on one until I saw the aircraft. While I can't really speak for the Business Class experience as that's the only A380 I've been on and no Business Class seats were available, the Economy seating was extremely comfortable. I really hate flying and one of the real reasons I do so is because I'm slightly on the taller side (6'0) and my knees often rub against the back of the seat in front. However, I distinctly remember that there was sufficient legroom (and then some) and also the seats were a little wider. There were quite a few seat adjustments too, I think. There was an actual full fledged bar in the plane as well, that you could sit at and have a drink when the seatbelt signs were switched off. The restrooms were pretty sweet too. All in all, it was a cool experience. Would I go the extra mile, just to ensure that I'm on an A380, the next time I'm making travel plans? Nope. But, I guess it would be cool to travel in one at least once, just for the experience. If you can find/afford a Business Class seat then definitely give it a go. Compared to Boeing 747's, the A380 has a lot more space to work with and from what I've seen, the layout and designs are sick af and would be a super comfortable way to travel. I guess it would also depend what airline you're using. At the end of the day though, it's just your ride from Point A to Point B, I wouldn't care too much what I'm flying in. As for finding out in advance what type of aircraft you'll be on, Expedia and Travelocity, amongst other booking sites, will show you what kind of flight it is. A Google search will help you find out how to check this. If you use a travel agent I'm pretty sure they'll know that too. A380's are typically used for longer journeys (8+ hours).
  11. Hey dude, I'm not all that familiar with GoPros and their different models and whatever but Mr Babu has got a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition for KD 95 including delivery (1 day). Not sure if that's exactly the one you're looking for but if it is, seems like a hell of a deal compared to your other options. Check it out for yourself, here's the link: http://www.mrbabu.com/gopro-hero-3-silver-edition-wi-fi-10mp-1080-60-fps-versatile-camera.html
  12. My iPhone 5s is from the US and works on LTE here. I was thinking of preordering one but I'll definitely need to use both before I can make a decision. The iPhone 6 looks perfect. I wouldn't mind the 6 Plus though if it's comfortable in the hand although I can't find a reason to ever want such a large screen on my phone. If it's anything like the Note in terms of use ability, I think I'll pass. Get someone to bring it in for you though, I don't think customs at the airport will charge you as opposed to when you ship it in. I'll be doing the same.
  13. Haha, haven't been to the movies here in a long long time. Most of the movies I actually want to watch in cinemas are either high octane, potty mouth action movies or just those with really crude humor. Either way the censorship hasn't really made my movie watching experience very enjoyable the last few times I went so I stopped altogether. I don't use torrents either, I just stream. I find it a lot more convenient. The only reason I actually decide to go to the movies is to get a large caramel popcorn. Mmmm, delicious. I haven't been to many other theaters in the world that offer up caramel popcorn that tastes quite the same. The day I find a store bought substitute for it is the day I bid farewell to Kuwait's cinemas for good haha!
  14. Hey, man. If you're up for it, you can just make it right at home. It's not too difficult at all (I've done it) although, depending on how much you really want, it might take a while. But, on the upside, at least you don't have to pay for it. Regular tap water can be used for the process. Follow this link, it's got pictures for every step which makes it easy to understand: http://m.wikihow.com/Make-Distilled-Water
  15. The title's pretty self explanatory. Anyone have this lens here in Kuwait and looking to sell? Let me know!