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  1. I am still looking out for a GoPro 4 plz message if u anyone sellin at 55141980 Thankx
  2. Hi, Any one selling GoPro if so plz do message Thankx
  3. Hi, would like to know, What is the procedure to get a General Trading license in kuwait. Thankx
  4. Hope this helps
  5. Looking for a used Blackberry Q10 or Classic in good condition, if u have and are interested in selling please do whatsapp 50598686
  6. I had the same problem with Quality net had called them up to check after 2 visits thy said my house telephone box did not support the transfer speed so thy kind a fixed a small device next to it and from there thy got the cable direct into the router,it worked perfectly after that.
  7. Locally Was callin ppl on insta but didnt get any positive replies most of thm only speak arabic My colleague has one asked him to get it for me ended up buying 5 pcs for my friends too
  8. Just purchased Topbox mini kit kangertech
  9. Was thinking if i could get it locally. have seen many ppl selling it on instagram,contacted thm,but already sold dont want to get into buying online and shipping it here.
  10. There are few shops in Souk Al-Mubarakiya try there.
  11. Does anyone know were can i find tugboat vape ?? or any one sellin ??
  12. Falak Restaurant in salmiya were wildfire rest. used to be i liked the taste. Address: Al Adsani St, Salmiya Phone:9606 8909
  14. Hi Friends, Where can i get samsung note 2 s pen as i have lost mine and any idea how much will it b ?? Thnakx
  15. PLEASE Does anyone know where the Levi's store is in Kuwait