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  1. Know any good locations? No clue where these camps are.
  2. Is there any place in Kuwait where you can rent ATV's on an hourly basis? Can be driven on the desert and returned back when the time limit is over. Like how the Jet Ski's can be rented.
  3. Get black. Even if you get bored you can always wrap the car. From experience I can tell you black is the best colour to have if you ever think of wrapping.
  4. @Kuwait, I live in Salmiya. So anywhere which is less than 30 minutes away is fine. @Mark, Their football courts are for max 6v6 at 30KD/hr and if anything bigger is required we'll have to book two adjacent courts and that adds up to 60KD/hr.
  5. Anyone know any football grounds that are big enough for 16-20 players, available for rent on an hourly basis during the evenings. Contact info would be real helpful. Thanks in advance
  6. It's clear you're not happy with what's happening. Confront her about it, but if you'll push her away. Then find out discreetly what they're chatting about. Then, depending on what you find out, take the right course of action.
  7. Mustang obviously. The FJ production is about to come to an end if it already hasn't. Mustang is brand new, It's got the new independent rear suspension and has been comprehensively set up to take on the European giants. So, either get the Mustang or something else entirely. Don't bother looking at the FJ.
  8. From my experience it's been pretty good. I just sold my Pathfinder yesterday through, I purchased the car thanks to also. This is how the process happened. Friday 8am - Posted the SUV on sale on the website for 10KD and put up all the details properly and 4 photos. Friday 8:30am - got a mail saying car was on the site. Friday 9am-7pm got atleast 12-13 calls of which 6 people saw the car. By chance the last 2 people to see the car came within minutes of each other. So they knew there was good amount of interest in the car. So the the 2nd of the two decided to pick up the car for 5% less than asking amount. But I didn't remove the car from the site yet because I was not sure if he'd suddenly back out or not. Saturday 10am - He paid me an advance of 10% of the asking amount, after which I removed the car from the site (Edited the ad and clicked the "Sold" checkbox). Sunday 1pm- All formalities are finished and the SUV was taken away by it's new owner.
  9. Saw "The Equalizer" last night in KNCC and there was a scene between two characters in the movie(Avoiding spoilers). And suddenly suddenly they would skip bits of the conversation. Atleast 45-50 seconds was cut in a 240 second scene. As a result, I couldn't understand what resulted in the following scene after the conversation. Sensoring Sexual innuendo and stuff all makes sense. But to cut randomly is quite irritating and I feel is a ploy to shorten the run time so they can screen more shows though what difference 5 minutes makes is beyond me. On the other hand they don't bother cutting even a single second of extremely graphic violence and blood, etc. So violence is tolerated but two people's lips coming with an inch of each other is treated as if it's a worse thing than the world coming to an end.
  10. Playing BF4 and Star Wars: The Old Republic on the PC. Thief and Forza Motorsport 5 on the XBOX ONE. The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3. Plus I have quite a few games which I need to start and finish like Batman: Arkham Origins(360), Remember Me(360), WRC 4(360).
  11. lol, that's some tough luck. But if it's any consolation, having the iPhone 6 for more than 2 weeks. It really isn't all that much of an upgrade from the 5S other than the size and isn't worth paying the premium for.
  12. I would go for the LG G3. simply because it's a whole year newer than the S4 and G2 and is more up to date than the latter two too. But if price is a constraint then I guess you could go ahead with the older models or consider the Xperia Z2 or even the Xperia Z1 for that matter.
  13. Hey, I know I'm super late to comment on this. I'm from India too and have owned a XK-R & Cayman S and currently in possession of a Mercedes C63 AMG and have had no fuel issues. I live in Chennai and as far as my knowledge goes, cities like Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Cochin, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune have the fuel you'll require. It can be found in a few select BP(Bharat Petroleum) petrol bunks and is called Speed 97. It's basically the only high-octane fuel you'll get. The price difference is quite steep though, almost Rs.20 more than the regular fuel and comes up to Rs.90-93/litre(450-475 fils/litre). You can get a lot of city specific info from the following link:- P.S. If you ever visit Chennai, give me a heads up.
  14. Hey guys, Any of you know if the scrap yard is open on Fridays, and if so, what the timings are?