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  1. Firefox Addon It is free! Everything works great with Netflix!
  2. The name change process is largely with your Embassy. Get it changed on your passport and then go for the residency transfer on the new passport with an affidavit issued by your Embassy. The residency department will update the old name in all civil information systems, according to the new passport. The only thing is to make sure bank also updates the information as well. There will be no change in the civil ID or need to go for finger prints etc. Rest is about the certificates and other documents, which is specific to the organization issuing the document. They only ask for name change proof, which is again the passport. I have gone through this process.
  3. I will be careful Sarcastico. I wouldn't risk the life of my kittens!
  4. Doesn't it count as a threat of a premeditated murder! ?
  5. She said, she will poison the cats if they come in the corridor!
  6. Hi! I have 3 cats and most of the time they are in the apartment. Sometimes they go out in the floor corridor. My neighbor has a problem with cats in the corridor. The cats don't go into any house and they are trained to do litter in the litter box. Is it against the baladiya rules to allow cats to be in the corridor of the floor?