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  1. Is the internet crap like for a week or it just me? KEMS say there is an internet cable cut bla bla bla
  2. hey guys... I m interested as well. Maybe we could play some tennis in the upcoming long weekend?
  3. hahaha. I just came to reply that I watched and didn't feel there is any missing scenes. Thanks anyways man. Great movie though.
  4. Anyone saw it in Kuwait, could you please give your feedback?
  5. Get a Fuji... I have a XE 2... Fuji got AMAZING cameras and they make great lenses too.
  6. Any luck getting a nice monitor?
  7. Check this offer by xcite its would be 125 KD http://www.xcite.com/photography/cameras/digital-slr/canon-eos-600d-digital-slr-with-18-55mm-zoom-lens.html Edit: ooh this post is ancient, I just saw the date now.
  8. Eureka,Xcite and aabworld do regular offers on the 600D and its alot better than 550D, I got a 600D for 115 KD on an offer from Eureka. Also try checking used camera on the classified section here. A friend of mine got a very clean 650D for 100 KD with lens,bag and memory card.
  9. I couldn't watch it unfortunately they removed it from the theaters last Thursday
  10. Thanks for the info... I would go watch it soon then without being worried now
  11. Did anyone watch Interstellar in Kuwait? if so I wonder if its censored in anyway?
  12. as title says with a reasonable price please
  13. Well yeah... that is why I m not overly enthusiastic about the 17-70... specially that its soft at the wide end, I won't be able to buy a wide angle lens yet ATM. The reasons I want to upgrade the kit lens is that it lacks optical quality...also being slow and not having Image stabilizer is a bummer too.
  14. For the price I got something neat I have 20% discount on sigma lenses so the 18-35 would cost around 185KD. But I m still new with photography, not sure if I would miss the 35-70 range or not. As for 50mm I got the Canon 50mm F1.8, its not as good as the 1.4 but will do for now .
  15. As the title says,I am looking for a standard zoom to replace the slow Kit lens on my Canon D600. I know it seems like comparing apples to oranges but I m having difficulty deciding, both of them seem to be good lens, but I don't know which to go for, I really like both lens The 18-35: its super sharp quick great lens, but lacks image stabilization and the zoom range is very short, also its heavy I didn't try having a heavy lens. 17-70: Not as sharp not as fast, but has lighter weight, bigger zoom range and IS and cheaper. Opinions please