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  1. which country do you suggest i do it in?
  2. I have 3 magicjacks that I use just about anywhere I travel, which include Kuwait, Syria, Dubai, and Bahrain. The magicjack works incredibly well on low quality internet lines and I would highly recommend its use in Kuwait.
  3. Hi everyone. I've been interested in doing rhinoplasty to remove a nasal bump I have on my nose. I was wondering, both quality wise and price wise, whether undergoing the procedure in Kuwait would be better than travelling abroad to places like Lebanon and doing it there. Also, if Kuwait is the better choice, does anyone have any suggestions for a good cosmetic surgeon specializing in noses? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. here are pictures of the wounded. the first one is the irani who died later http://www.2bb.me/1108-1320702216.jpg http://www.2bb.me/1108-1320702280.jpg
  5. Big fight broke out 2 days ago at Marina Mall, around 100-150 people involved. Bunch of people were injured, 2 dead. Apparently it was from stabs to the neck. Was anyone there during the commotion?
  6. Do any channels on normal cable sport the Superbowl? If not is there any place to watch it online? Thanks. Hope someone else watches it other than me.
  7. Are you all referring to regular adjustable dumbells or to the Powerblock or SelecTech series? Those are the ones I want.
  8. Had them as in how long ago?
  9. Anyone know where I can buy them in Kuwait? Shipping via postal is out of the question because they're friggin weights (lol). Any retailer or individual seller that sells them? Thanks
  10. I don't know what you call it, but it's the animal section of the friday market that sells pets like birds dogs and cats... Anyway I passed by it yesterday after dhur in hopes of buying a cat only to find that every single shop is closed! the only people selling animals are people outside with tables set, apparently doing it illegally ( i even saw 2 guys sneaking some bird cages into a shop) Anyway there was 1 person selling cats and I asked why there was no one else and he saw that there was a problem with the government (this is me trying to decipher what he said) and that by next week the animal section of friday market will be closed down for good... can anyone check in on this? and if its true could someone lead me to good cat seller that sells persian or "shirazi" cats?. thanks
  11. this movie is top notch. HIGHLY recommended
  12. i got a 46" sharp aquos 1080p from my work for $800.. im satisfied. look around?
  13. shouldnt this work with tversity? (media server)
  14. the old ps3 is alot better looking imo.. the reason the slim is cheap is because they used more expensive material to build the old ps3 and the slim has a smaller chip size.