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Found 2 results

  1. What's going on guys, popping my 248am community post cherry here haha. I just had a few questions (apologies if they may have already been answered previously on this forum!) for Digital Rev users, if there are any here. It's a website that I came across many times, mentioned on this website as well. Been looking to purchase a camera for the longest time now and I think I may have finally settled on the Sony A6000, a mirrorless camera, as I'm not too keen on lugging around a large DSLR. Now, I've been looking most places in Kuwait for this camera but to no avail. Checked out Amazon, they've got it and then I had to check out one of those companies that ship to Kuwait from a US address. Now, I was going through some of the rules on what you ship into Kuwait (on youshopweship or borderlinx, I forget) and I distinctly remember reading something along the lines of "any small cameras" aren't allowed (I'm assuming the same shipping rules apply to Digital Rev). Now, I may be wrong but I'd def like to clarify before dropping 200+ dinars on something. Have any of you had experience purchasing a camera off of Digital Rev? A DSLR or something smaller, a Cybershot perhaps? I've seen many people talk about purchasing lenses but what about cameras? I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say about this. If it isn't gonna be an issue, my second question is what's your best guess-timate as to how long my shipment will take to arrive here? Where are they shipping from? Also, CUSTOMS! Is it a fixed price I pay or is it like a percentage? I have no idea about additional charges so I'd appreciate advise from someone with experience with this (buying something around or >200 dinars). I'd rather not be surprised at my doorstep! Do these guys pack well? It would def suck to receive my new camera in pieces. If it is indeed not allowed to ship small cameras here, anyone here know where in Kuwait I can find the same camera? I've heard that cameras here are priced significantly higher than purchasing from abroad. Finally, although I'm pretty much convinced with the A6000, are there any other cameras (similar in build and quality to the A6000) that any of you suggest I take a look at? That's all the questions I've got haha. Hope to hear from you guys. Cheers!
  2. Hey Guys; Just noticed that everytime I purchase something online whith my mastercard I would be charged 2.75% fee. I am wondering if there is a way to remove or reduce the 2.75% since I order almost everything from outside (cellphones, tablets, pc components, pet food, games, dvds, tools,... etc) Considering am paying for the us tax fee, shipping fee, handling fee of the forwarding company, import tax of kuwat with the 2kd stamp, I would like to atleast to remove or reduce it as much as possible since it value is proportional to the price of the package.