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Found 3 results

  1. I'm expecting a 20 - 25 kg fairly large box containing approx 60KD worth of items (non electronics). Aramex says customs doesn't charge more than 5% of total worth, and that they themselves will take only a 1KD handling fee - and that's it. Is it really that simple? Every now and then I come across customs hassles and not so positive feedback about Aramex. Anyone with an Aramex experience in the recent past? Is the above true (5% + 1KD)? Also, do customs stop every single Aramex package or is it just a random thing? Please enlighten. Thanks!
  2. I know this is bad soliciting on my part, but I really hate going back and forth from home to Ardhiya. You guys are probably expecting a list of extension numbers, however I made this thread to ask for them. So. . . anyone know any extension numbers for Aramex? We all know no one answers on the main line. Just a side story: I opened up a new account with them online but never got a verification e-mail and so I can't log in. Went to them, opened up an account in person, was assuming they would e-mail me with a temporary password but didn't.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm trying to ship my PC from Kuwait to the US, and i don't really know how. or how much it will cost! My PC costed me nearly 900 K.D and i really want it back. moreover, i would like to know the prices, and since i heard it would cost me 300 KD to ship it, i'm going to try to send only some of the parts and the other i will buy them here from the US. My PC weighs nearly 45 Kg with the case, and the parts only weighs 10 kg. Thanks in Advance, PS: I Live in Boise,ID. And if it would be cheaper to send it to california please let me know Thanks!