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Found 1 result

  1. First I would like to say that i have been a loyal customer for Mrbabu for around a year maybe more, before that I used BoarderLinx and was happy with the service too but sometimes it used to be a little expensive , but hey ... you get what you pay for. and that is what happened to me on my last order through, I have ordered 3 items, one on the 30th of sept and another "two" on 25th . it took me around ten calls to reach to an answer. I even asked to talk to the manager many time and were avoided by ... "we will come back to you" I went to there office, took his mobile talked to him and explained my situation ... he said I will check and come back to you ... next day he tells me via whats app that he have checked with them .. and we have lost one of your items and one was delivered on time as for the last one "you have asked them not to deliver it" Oh did I mention that I told them that, After it took them a month to tell me they have received it. he told me he will refund one item and I HAVE TO ACCEPT THE OTHER ONE ! what a nice way to treat you client. you are a paying customer and you have to obey. well I know for sure that I will never ever deal with them any more. such a cheap company . next time you guys order from there ... ask for pay on arrival so that you have the upper hand to refuse your product if its late or lost !