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Found 2 results

  1. hello everyone i want to ask about the fiber cables in kuwait i heard from some people that i can get fiber cable to my house i don't know if that was true and i would like someone to answer my questions if you know and thanks so much first question is that true and how much does this cost? i know it could cost up to thousands second question if anyone knows any other company than fasttelco offer 50mbps? third question if i can't get the fiber cable in my house i also heard that fiber cables will be everywhere in kuwait in 2016? when will they start working in ahmadi again thank you and i know this might be in the wrong place of this website and if it is can a staff move it
  2. KUWAIT: While some in Kuwait complain about the slow speed of internet, others find it too costly. The local internet service providers agreed that the old infrastructure was partially responsible for this situation, but refrained from blaming the Ministry of Communication for the state of affairs. According to Mohammed from the Gulf Net, most complaints come from subscribers using the internet through landlines DSL. “Now, many Kuwait areas have fibre-optic cables instead of landline ones, and this has solved the problem to a significant extent. We usually do not receive complaints from customers using net through fibre cables, unless ten users were connected to a single modem which will definitely decrease the speed,†he told the Kuwait Times. The old landline cables are very old, in certain cases even up to 40 years. “These cables were installed alongside land telephone lines about 40 years ago and may be a cause of the problems, especially if laid next to drainage pipes. At times, these could be affected by rains also, thus affecting the speed. Also, there could be other factors impacting the performance of these cables, such as the floor at which a customer uses the net, or the connecting cables. Any reconstruction activity along the roads may also affect the quality of service as it causes vibrations in case of landlines,†added Mohammed. Currently, there are some areas completely covered by fibre-optic cables, while work was in progress in others. “According to the Ministry of Communication, all Kuwait areas will be covered by fibre cables within two years. I think that the Ministry is doing a good job, and with the fibre cables, the internet speed has increased a lot when compared to what it was in the past. These days, the minimum speed is 1 MB, and it can reach even 40 MB or more, depending upon the service cost. Previously, the internet service providers were able to regulate the price but currently, the Ministry has set a limit which we cannot cross. Thus, the prices are unified and the companies only compete by offering promotions,†he concluded. Anas from Quality Net explained the difference in internet speeds in different countries. “Countries such as the United States or the United Kingdome are themselves internet service providers. They do not have to pay for it but they sell it to other consuming countries such as Kuwait. Thus, we pay more for it. Also, since the number of users there is much more than in Kuwait, the companies can make big money even if the users were to pay a minimal fee. It is just like the GCC countries selling oil at a much higher price than the price at which people consume the fuel locally,†he explained. He also praised the role of the Ministry of Communication for executing projects such as the fibreoptic cables. “In fact, this project improved the internet service in Kuwait considerably. Currently, more than a quarter of the population in Kuwait is using fibre cables. The Ministry is currently working on Salwa and Rumeythia areas which are almost covered, and will very soon work on Adan and Salmiya, with the rest following later. Also, wherever an internet service providing company is able to connect the user to a fibre cable, he will have to pay extra money,†stressed Anas. - Kuwait Times Any Updates?!! It's going to be 2yrs in a few months.