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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys! I'm seriously disappointed in the speed and ping of mada in block4 and I'm thinking of switching to another ISP. I'll be mostly be using this for playing games and streaming. Can you guys suggest me some good ISPs?
  2. With Info Connect just a fortnight away. I think Ooredoo has already decided to be an early bird ... 1TB for 12KD (Router free) 300GB for 10KD + (1.5KD for 4G router or 2KD for 4G+ router) 150GB for 8KD + (-do-) 20GB for 6KD + (-do-) Makes a better commercial sense to pickup 1TB offer (+ a tablet if you already own a router). In time to come, I do expect the rival 4G offers to catch up. I also expect DSL/GPON rates to go down as now 4G internet rates are getting more lucrative, with added advantage of portability. Only time will tell, please give your views, they might help ISPs in deciding what to offer during exhibition.
  3. hello everyone i want to ask about the fiber cables in kuwait i heard from some people that i can get fiber cable to my house i don't know if that was true and i would like someone to answer my questions if you know and thanks so much first question is that true and how much does this cost? i know it could cost up to thousands second question if anyone knows any other company than fasttelco offer 50mbps? third question if i can't get the fiber cable in my house i also heard that fiber cables will be everywhere in kuwait in 2016? when will they start working in ahmadi again thank you and i know this might be in the wrong place of this website and if it is can a staff move it
  4. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that KEMS posted newer prices on their website for ADSL & Fiber
  5. Hi guys! I have a huge problem! I will transfer to a new flat.. I will stay on the basement.. The problem is my huawei E5372(viva) has a poor reception in the basement.. Only intercepting 2g signal.. Damn! I need help! Any do-it-yourself signal booster suggestion? Or where can i buy/find external antennas that can connect to my router to increase the netwrok into 4g again? Do u know any stores here in kuwait that sells one? Need ur help badly.. Thanks