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Found 18 results

  1. I dont think we have had a geofilter yet on snapchat. Can anyone please design a decent geofilter and upload it here (
  2. Any news on Infoconnect 2017? Last year it did not happen, I hope they make it this year. ADSL still sux, any new areas with FTTH added on Kuwait map? Feel free to express your expectations on ISPs front. Rest is all Printers, Monitors and computer hardware.
  3. Happy Halloween to those in Kuwait, I just came back from a nice Halloween party. I wonder what you guys are dressing up as :D. Enjoy the holidays
  4. Hi, please suggest some places to get the biggest burger in Kuwait. Something like below.
  5. I purchased one if these USB flash memory for iPhone backup & storage. the brand was supposed to be "I-Flash" as described by the seller. couple of days and the item arrived home, the item was an after-market rubbish quality device. I though it will work fine anyways. I connected it to the iPhone, and installed the application "suggested at the package". The app is not secured to be used, not available on app store and wont work at all. I tried to get 3rd party apps and that didnt work too. I called call center, they said they will send me someone to pick the item from me, then within 3-5 business days the amount will be refunded to my souq account to be used again, or I can transfer it to my bank account, and that would take another 3-5 business days. I was mad at this, but as long as that was their written policy, so I let it go. 3 days later, nobody came to pick up the item, I called them again, the return request wasnt done by the agent. and they had to do the request from the beginning, I tried to talk to any super visor or a manager and that was IMPOSSIBLE as all of the customer service agents always ready with some well known answers: - no managers here now - I cant transfer the call - they came and left anyways after like 2 hours of nagging a manager decided to call me, he said he will send the guy to pick up the item today "Thursday" and I wanted to make sure if he was lying or saying the truth. I called Q express, the company that deals with them. they didnt get that request at all. and till today, nothing is picked up, and that seller is still selling his rubbish on their website.
  6. Hi!, Would anyone be Interested in a rentable segway in Kuwait? Prices will be adjustable depending on how long you'd like the segway. Reply if your interested 1 hour- 3kd 1 day - 9kd 1 week- 15kd
  7. With Info Connect just a fortnight away. I think Ooredoo has already decided to be an early bird ... 1TB for 12KD (Router free) 300GB for 10KD + (1.5KD for 4G router or 2KD for 4G+ router) 150GB for 8KD + (-do-) 20GB for 6KD + (-do-) Makes a better commercial sense to pickup 1TB offer (+ a tablet if you already own a router). In time to come, I do expect the rival 4G offers to catch up. I also expect DSL/GPON rates to go down as now 4G internet rates are getting more lucrative, with added advantage of portability. Only time will tell, please give your views, they might help ISPs in deciding what to offer during exhibition.
  8. Looking for a medium/54cm road bike to possibly buy this winter. I'm about 5ft 9ish if that helps. Needs to have drop bars, road suitable tyres, preferred Shimano groupset, and spd pedals if possible. Budget is around 150-250 KD. Can stretch it a bit if the cycle is worth it!
  9. I want a bat for TT. Is there any specialised place in Kuwait where I can get bats of the brands mentioned in the TITLE. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I was wondering if theres any place in Kuwait where I can get Blue mics??
  11. Can anyone help me build a Gaming PC in Kuwait within the price range of 220-240KWD?! Any help appreciated
  12. First I would like to say that i have been a loyal customer for Mrbabu for around a year maybe more, before that I used BoarderLinx and was happy with the service too but sometimes it used to be a little expensive , but hey ... you get what you pay for. and that is what happened to me on my last order through, I have ordered 3 items, one on the 30th of sept and another "two" on 25th . it took me around ten calls to reach to an answer. I even asked to talk to the manager many time and were avoided by ... "we will come back to you" I went to there office, took his mobile talked to him and explained my situation ... he said I will check and come back to you ... next day he tells me via whats app that he have checked with them .. and we have lost one of your items and one was delivered on time as for the last one "you have asked them not to deliver it" Oh did I mention that I told them that, After it took them a month to tell me they have received it. he told me he will refund one item and I HAVE TO ACCEPT THE OTHER ONE ! what a nice way to treat you client. you are a paying customer and you have to obey. well I know for sure that I will never ever deal with them any more. such a cheap company . next time you guys order from there ... ask for pay on arrival so that you have the upper hand to refuse your product if its late or lost !
  13. Hey, its me again I started this series on YouTube where I would film the most active days of this Summer and edit them in a fast-paced motion. Every week has it's own video and I have THREE videos up so far. It would be awesome if you checked them out and gave feedback. Channel: First Week: Second Week: Third Week: - Bandar
  14. So my office chair kind of broke in half. I've had it for like 6 years so I wasn't even mad. Anyway, where can I buy one in Kuwait that isn't IKEA. Looking for some mid to high end stuff, Herman Miller, Steelcase or anything similar.
  15. I order pizza from Papa John's frequently and last time when i placed an order was last night.they should deliver it beetween 45 and 75 minutes.unfortunately, i have never seen them delivering them earlier than an hour. last time, they were about to drive me crazy because they deliver the pizza in 95 minutes and this was a record i have never seen. i will never order pizzas from papa john's. i wonder if other people face the same problem too.
  16. In his post (Click here), Mark mentions of a place that he found which wasn't on google maps. I would like to go there for a drive, Can anyone advise how to get to that place?
  17. Hi , Are there any legal issues for fitting a Dash Cam on my car here in Kuwait ? Where can we get one professionally installed and any recommendations on Dash Cam Models ? Appreciate all the help and suggestions. Thanks.
  18. Hello Guys; I want to get my eye sight checked and get new eyeglasses, which store or hospital do you recommend going to? Price is not an issue (Hopefully).