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Found 1 result

  1. I am in market for getting another car i am thinking of getting an SUV mostly (i want a GTR but the streets condition is not in favor for it and its ridiculously high price is another thing) i am thinking between the following cars (2nd hand not new), my top color combination is white exterior/ red interior but not available on all cars: Infiniti FX50S/QX70S My top choice, reasonably priced V8 390 HP (but not as strong as it is supposed to be) Good looks outside Nice interior feels luxurious (but doesn't come with red lather as i want) Huge rims (21", not so wide though 265/45) Sport breaks Expensive spare parts Model Started 2009 - coming to end of its cycle Toyota Land cruiser Very Bad interior Overpriced (but Resale value is Great) Very Reliable Cheap parts Heavy and horse power is low New model is coming 2016 (prices might drop little) Nissan Patrol: Great Look Good interior Top model is expensive but nice Horse power (400) is fine for top model Expensive, and Price goes down ALOOOT after buying Infiniti Q56/QX80: Same as patrol size and shape, more luxurious Surprisingly good price I like patrol more honestly (tail lights are not nice, very small for such huge car) Lexus LX570: I like this car alot alot, But its TOO EXPENSIVE (i think out of my range even for 2nd hand one) Great interior and exterior I think its the best choice except for the price New shape in 2016 (maybe price will go down little but i dont think so) Resale value is Great BMW X5M: I just love this car Super Engine (560 HP) Great rims, Huge tires, Great Breaks Amazing car seats, nice interior New model came (but i am ok with the older one) Price is acceptable Maintenance is really expensive Resale value is BAD i have concerns regarding A/C Any other options? but not Porsche cayenne although price is fine, and not range rover