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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone know any consulting companies that do small scale residential projects or know a street in Kuwait that's full of them? I would like to add another floor on my house and require drawings and floor plans.
  2. I am planing to go attend the Real Madrid vs Liverpool champions league match on 4th of November, i have never booked game tickets online, usually i go there day of the match and buy the tickets (cheap) but usually for local matches not champion league matches, anyway, this time i am taking my old man as a B.Day present for the match day (Red Devils HUUUUGE fan as well as Real Madrid fan, unlike me LIVERPOOL SUPER fan and Real Madrid fan) therefore real madrid was good choice, going back to madrid for me is always welcomed while it will be my dad's first time suggestions where to book tickets for the match and where to stay, which airlines? for now i think i will choose turkish airlines (160 KD / Ticket) which is fine and looked reasonable due to shorter travel time / flight (around 4 hours)