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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, I'm looking to buy a Spirit Box, which is a device used to communicate to spirits or as such known as EVP's (electronic voice phenomena). If anyone here possibly having any acknowledgements or where to buy this device, please do notify me. I'm mostly looking for a good EVP Spirit Box, but i'm really desperate at this point. I'm not willing to wait weeks or even months for something that, yet to end up either cancelled or refunded, though I would be honored if anyone is familiar with these things, hit me up :). Sincerely, M.O L.V.X 418
  2. Hi Guys, I posted my dirtbike (08' Kawasaki KX-250) for sale here under the Marketplace section a few days ago. I am planning to leave Kuwait for good on March 1st and need to sell my bike quick. Does anyone know any shops that buy used bikes in Kuwait? The shop I originally bought it from near the Holiday Inn on Gulf Road near Salmiya has shut down. As a last resort I may take it to Julia'a where they have a bunch of guys riding in the desert and shops renting small quads. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Below is a link to the add I placed in the Marketplace. Thanks.